A fall love in the house

A fall love in the house

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Autumn, what a delicious season where the weather is still mild and nature full of charm with its shimmering colors and its little chewable mushrooms. To bring this special atmosphere into your interior, we have found the perfect accessories for you.

Drawings in the colors of autumn

Poisson Bulle To give an autumnal charm to your decoration, bet on the black and mustard posters of Poisson Bulle. The line is delicate and the theme adorable with autumn scenes to install on your walls.

An original lamp

Adjao To light up your fall, Adjao has designed an ecological lamp that combines driftwood for the lamp base and silk cocoons for the lampshade. The latter is tinged with orange and yellow natural pigments which give it the appearance of a funny mushroom.

A wooded wallpaper

Ferm Living Take inspiration from the forest to create the decor of your living room. To do this, you will have to choose a wallpaper that reproduces the branches of the bare trees, revealing their delicate wooden stems. Wooded atmosphere guaranteed.

A leaf cushion

Linum On the sofa, we evoke autumn with the help of a pretty cushion that takes up beautiful stylized autumn leaves that spin on the surface of the textile. A bit nostalgic this cushion, will also find its place in a more winter decor.

Fall leaves to stick

Pa design At the office too, it's autumn! And rather than opting for traditional sticky notes, we prefer lots of sticky tree leaves where you can leave your little messages. It's up to you to create the decor by assembling the different colored sheets.

A wooden log stool

Papiluc Autumn is the ideal season for walks in the forest. And to remind the latter in your decoration, nothing like a stool that uses a wooden log. Very raw, this model will give a very natural spirit to your decoration and will also settle there in winter!

Mushrooms above the bed

Poisson Bulle For the child's bedroom, we choose small stickers to place over the bed to form a fall frieze. Small mushrooms and forest animals will delight the little ones in this pretty mustard color.

A mushroom placemat

Vis à Vis Finally, to taste your mushroom picking, don't hesitate to buy table linen that uses it as a motif. Here, the white placemats reveal some mushrooms at the edges to set the tone.


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