The living room travels thanks to the decor

The living room travels thanks to the decor

If you want to feel on vacation all year round without having to leave your living room, decor is your passport! With inspirations from elsewhere, your living room can take on African, oriental or even exotic looks, and offer you a real change of scenery.

Textiles in the spotlight

Ikea When you think of travel, textiles play an important role because they provide the colors and patterns typical of a place. So do not hesitate to accessorize your sofa with cushions but also play with the curtains. You can even use a piece of fabric as a wall painting.

An oriental bench

Maisons du monde For a living room reminiscent of the sweetness of life in the Maghreb countries, we offer ourselves a sofa bench in warm colors and we accessorize the living room with a screen that evokes moucharabiehs.

Exotic atmosphere

Maisons du monde If you are looking for a lounge with exotic accents that transports you to a lush forest, bet on fairly dark wooden furniture and brown leather armchairs and sofas. Touches of green will evoke nature and accessories side, we turn to unusual objects like sculptures of birds.

A tent in the living room

Maisons du monde To recreate a Saharan atmosphere at home, you can play the originality card by using a Berber tent to hang from the ceiling to create a kind of alcove for your sofa.

Lighting worthy of the Thousand and One Nights

Maisons du monde Lighting also greatly contributes to the magical atmosphere of a decoration. For a decor worthy of the Thousand and One Nights, we multiply the lanterns and other colored candles to travel in the blink of an eye.

Indonesian atmosphere

Alinéa To make your living room a haven of Indonesian peace, we combine green on the walls with light gray wood on the floor. For decorative accessories, play with original sculptures and a few candles.

Direction India

Ouma Productions Bollywood spirit assured in the living room with these braided benches and cushions with Indian motifs. We mix colors without hesitation to evoke those of India!

Kilim spirit

Saint Maclou Kilim rugs both on the floor and on the walls will instantly give an ethnic atmosphere to your living room. With the warm colors of the carpets, the atmosphere can only be friendly.

Exotic colors

Saint Maclou Finally, for an exotic atmosphere, do not hesitate to marry a beautiful dark wooden parquet floor in vibrant colors with a patchwork carpet for example. A few blue candles will recall the colors on a silver trolley.