Hotel O in design by Ora Ito

Hotel O in design by Ora Ito

At the heart of the Halles district, L'Hôtel O, the latest addition to Parisian hotels, is designed by Ora Ito. Like its creations, the hotel presents a bold and visionary decoration. A suitable place to take refuge away from the hectic streets of the city.

Rooms like a spaceship

** The rooms are rather modest in size and have been designed in the manner of small capsules. **

The bed is the central element of the decor

** The central element that makes up the room is the bed. It is topped with a large wooden panel in light oak which, like a canopy of the future, offers a cozy nest where it is good to take refuge. From there everything is articulated: lights, TV, electrical outlets, USB inputs. **

Rooms that celebrate color

** Each of the bedrooms has its dominant color: purple pink, fir green, flamboyant orange ... are winks to Le Corbusier's Radiant City from which the famous designer was inspired. **

The Odyssey room

** The Odyssey room, designed like a spaceship capsule, gives pride of place to blond wood for a perfect symbiosis between modernity and nature. **

The Galileo room

** Like a nest, the Galileo room is a well-ordered refuge niche. A unique living experience for modern travelers. **

A cocktail bar

** With its majestic curves and futuristic decor, the bar offers an enclosed and protected environment. **

A bar sheltered from urban stress

** The bar located in the hotel lounge is a spacious area open to all. Like the conversations of the 1960s, the long seat that runs along the wall of the room is convivial, thus favoring conversations. **