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Atomic Soda: discover the new autumn-winter 2015 novelties

Atomic Soda: discover the new autumn-winter 2015 novelties

Since 1996, the publishing house Atomic Soda has offered a wide range of fun and colorful products from several brands. Stationery, fashion accessories, tableware, decorative items ... Collections to offer or keep at home, to delight the whole family.

Pretty bribes

Atomic Soda Tired of your bribes? Opt for those of the Clynk brand, edited by Atomic Soda. There are several models of floral tablecloths. Most ? The periphery is slightly cut in the shape of a flower, for a girly but not kitsch style.

A cocooning interior

Atomic Soda As winter approaches, we have only one desire: to bring out the plaids, the teapot and the candles! Well, that's what Atomic Soda offers you with candles in the shape of small houses of the Mini Labo brand, a tray and a colorful tea service. On the right of the photo, you can see the 1996 two-color tote bag, ideal for going shopping for Christmas!

Embroidery effect boxes

Atomic Soda For storing small objects, do not store them anymore in soulless storage! The brand Les Miniatures has created square or round boxes of different sizes, the lid of which seems to have been embroidered in cross stitches. A nice way to bring color to your closets and shelves!

Elegant and original stationery

Atomic Soda Who says end of year celebrations, also says greeting cards! Atomic Soda publishes many cards, but also irresistible envelopes and notebooks! Several models are in black and gold tones, very refined.

A nice Eloisa mug

Atomic Soda This two-color mug will accompany you all winter to enjoy tea with cupcakes or a good hot chocolate! It will also be ideal as a gift for someone to think of you while drinking their morning coffee!

Everything that's small is cute !

Atomic Soda For a better organized handbag, nothing like these pockets and purses designed by Mr & Mrs. Clynk. More or less large, the models all have ethnic or geometric patterns. To shop urgently!

Create a poetic children's room

Atomic Soda With its cushions in the shape of the moon, cloud or even Paparajote branded mountain, your toddler's room will be more suitable for developing his imagination! In the bottom left of the photo opposite, the small Mini Labo suitcases will allow you to put away toys while bringing decorative elements to the room.

A dinner in the middle of nature

Atomic Soda These plates decorated with butterflies were designed by Thomas Paul. A slightly vintage set, which will suit a chic dinner with friends, or in an elegant stay. Different models available on Atomic Soda.

Get noticed, even in the rain!

Atomic Soda To be the prettiest (even in the rain), the transparent umbrella signed Bandjo will protect you from the elements without being monochrome. What to be in a good mood, despite the greyness!