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Kitchen side tables, multiple shapes

Kitchen side tables, multiple shapes

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In a small or large kitchen, there are a thousand and one ways to arrange a dining area ... without table. Here are 10 side tables for the kitchen, in pictures.

In L

Fly ### Fixed to the wall as if it were built into it, this tiny side table accommodates two place settings without taking up too much space in the kitchen.

XXL shelf

Ixina ### Backed on the entire length of a wall, this side table sees the dining area large and offers the luxury of dining with a view!

Between two islets

Ixina ### Supported by the two kitchen islands, this thick wooden board can be made into a custom dining table to satisfy the desires of convivial dinners in the kitchen. Very ingenious, this module also combines the advantage of being easy to store behind a piece of furniture when not in use.

Extra shelf

Leroy Merlin ### Against the only unfinished wall of this L-shaped kitchen, an extra shelf was installed, accompanied by two bar chairs. Convenient for breakfast, lunch or dinner on site express version in solo or duo!

Integrated into the island

Aviva ### When you have taken care to choose a central island with a tray protruding from the storage frame, it is easy to slip two chairs where you can sit for lunch!

Reduced shelf

Fly ### Who says mini kitchen says mini side table! This one, very fine, allows at least to savor your coffee in the morning in the kitchen, and in two stages three movements.

Overlooking the islet

Ixina ### A meal tray beautifully surmounts this kitchen island to accommodate up to two place settings in the same room where we simmered our small dishes.


Fly ### Another folding table with which one chooses to set up a dining area in the kitchen, or on the contrary, to make room there.

To put on the wall

Leroy Merlin ### Like the chair hung on the wall when folded, this side table, also foldable, finds refuge vertically when not in use. An ingenious space-saving tip!