When the trompe-l'oeil wallpaper plays with cocooning

When the trompe-l'oeil wallpaper plays with cocooning

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There is nothing better than a soft armchair, a cottony plaid and soft cushions to hibernate gently ... Except perhaps for trompe l'oeil walls imitation knit, wood or quilt, thanks to which we reach the pinnacle of cocooning. You only have to see to believe it:

Capiton XXL

Castorama ### Visually speaking, trompe-l'oeil has the gift of sowing sharp atmospheres, but thanks to an imitation "capiton" disproportionate version, it bluffes us as much as it surrounds us with sweetness. We love !

Wood chalet

Moove Paper ### The chalet style invites itself into the house thanks to a traditional imitation wood wallpaper. A safe bet when you want to create a warm atmosphere at home.

Vertical knitting

Koziel ### Second version of the knitting style on the walls. It seems that the mesh is popular to warm the decor ...

Capiton headboard

Koziel ### In addition to playing it quilted imitation, this wallpaper is also played headboard. A visual deception that injects a sacred dose of tenderness into the room.

Imitation wooden logs

Moove Paper ### High mountain inspiration for this wallpaper adorned with logs that makes us take off at altitude! Easy to plant a chalet-style note at home!


Leroy Merlin ### Last minute guests in the house, the wood-paneled walls by the seaside maximize the warmth of our cozy nest. The result is warm, natural and cozy.

Highly padded

Grandeco ### Definitely, in cocooning wallpaper, the capiton imitation wins the palm of gold. It must be recognized that, skirting the wall of an entire room, one can only feel enveloped by its softness of purple velvet ... and even if it is only illusory.

Tribute to reclaimed wood

The Collection ### With this wallpaper paneled in reclaimed wood, we give the decor a little air "beach shed". Ideal to warm it up!

Snow white capiton

AM.PM ### The quilting effect is winning on the walls. Here is another example 100% snow white, enough to energize the facades gently.

Wooden wall

Rebelwalls If you've always dreamed of wooden walls that create a rustic and warm atmosphere, this trompe l'oeil wallpaper will do the trick! Ideal for warming the room and giving it a more cozy style, the material effect wallpaper easily takes place in any room of the house for a cocooning atmosphere.

Golden padded headboard

Atylia Golden padded headboard For a very oriental and warm side in your bedroom, we use as here a golden capiton wallpaper to act as headboard. A real desert princess room!

Head in the clouds

Cole & Son It is here above a desk that we use trompe l'oeil wallpaper. Well known for being soothing, the thick cloud sky is truly relaxing.

A shelf paper on an entire wall

Cole & Son A composition made up of trompe l'oeil niches which immerses us in a warm atmosphere. In the spirit of curiosity cabinet, these small compartments are perfect for dressing the walls and serving as decoration.

Architectural wallpaper

Cole & Son This trompe l'oeil wallpaper is an architectural design straight from the well-known facades of Saint Mark's Square in Venice. Two classic arches as well as monkeys form the surprising motif of this high-end wallpaper, and creates a serene atmosphere once installed.

XXL tile wallpaper

Rebelwalls An aged effect on the wallpaper of this room and here it becomes as chic as rustic. It brings a lot of authenticity, and it feels good!

Wooden slats in the kitchen

Tresintas With this total wooden look, we are completely in the chalet spirit, so comfortable and cocooning. Wood is known to be the warmest material, so here, with this woody coating, you feel well surrounded.

So zen wallpaper

Tresintas In a living room with very soft and solid colors, it sometimes takes just a few things to bring the little extra that was missing. Here, we bet everything on the wallpaper in shades of blue accompanied by a peacock on a branch. Nature is in the spotlight!

Luxury in trompe l'oeil wallpaper

Maryos bazaar At the Champs Elysées house, we admire the perspectives and the richness of the Napoleon III style ornamentation. These are reproduced in trompe-l'oeil throughout the suite which then takes on the appearance of a Haussmann apartment.

A rosette wallpaper

Arte-international We are amazed at the verisimilitude of this wallpaper which seems to be textured in relief. This is however not the case, it is indeed a wallpaper, and even if it is not in 3D it still remains very chic and warms the room.


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