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10 accessories to make our toilets more chic

10 accessories to make our toilets more chic

In order not to miss the decor of the toilets, here is a selection of beautiful accessories chosen with the greatest care.

Colorful toilet rolls

Direct D-sign ### Nothing like colored toilet paper to enhance the WC area Black, pink, red, purple, blue or yellow, it gives way to fantasy to energize this small room with great style . We love !

A poetic roller holder

Presse Citron ### Design and poetic, this tree-shaped paper holder has, since its creation, seduced the most ambitious toilets in terms of decoration. An unsurprising success for a chic and well thought out accessory.

A customized toilet seat

Wirquin ### Harlequin stripes for this original and stylish toilet seat. A nice nose to the classic white flaps visually little decoration.

Tinted stainless steel accessories

Spoiler ### The toilets are full of accessories, which in addition to being made of stainless steel, are tinged with chic colors: a glamorous purple bin, a river green brush, an orange lacquered soap dispenser…

A nice paper holder

C What ### Intended to integrate into a romantic atmosphere, this Séraphin paper holder brings an exquisite angelic note to the toilet area.

Playful wallpaper

Castorama ### With walls leaving room for expression and creativity, toilets are no longer a bland and uninteresting room. It remains to adopt a wallpaper full of imagination, like this jumble of empty frames to fill with photos, drawings or little words ...

A stylized toilet brush

The Collection ### With their old-fashioned style, birch handle and natural stone jar, this duo of brushes from W .C participate as much in industrial decoration as in natural or retro style decoration.

Stylish roll storage

Lif ### The unsightly look of toilet paper is a real problem in the small corner. To remedy this, we opt for this dedicated vertical storage in the form of a discreet column to spice up, why not, bright colors…

A paper holder / magazine holder

Black & Blum ### Minimalist, this paper holder with a super fine metallic line combines the ability to carry magazines at your feet. The opportunity may be to choose a nice reading package that is sure to distract us as much as to perfect the decor.