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10 sun pie recipes

10 sun pie recipes

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The sun pie has been one of the flagship culinary trends for several years. Hot or cold, sweet or savory, vegetarian or not, there are many versions to please the whole family! If the result is very aesthetic on the plate, the recipes are all very easy to make. The proof in pictures.

The Quebec version of the pie

Turbigo Gourmandises In a sweet version, the sun pie can be prepared with apples and maple syrup, a typical ingredient from Canada. The editor of the culinary blog Tubigo Gourmandises reveals her recipe for a golden and crispy dough. At your stove! Source:

A Nutella sun tart!

Pâte à Choup At snack time, this recipe will delight your children's taste buds and give them strength! She uses Nutella (which you can replace with any spread) and hazelnuts. One thing is certain, you will make people happy! Source: Choup Paste

The Sun King's cake

La Dinette de Nelly You have had enough of the inevitable galette des rois at the time of the Epiphany! Spice up this dessert by giving it a sun shape. Swap the traditional frangipane for a puff pastry that you will spread with almond cream and chocolate chips before twisting it. Surprise effect guaranteed for your guests! Source: La Dinette de Nelly

When Italy invites itself into the kitchen

Marine is cooking This Italian sun pie smells good in summer! Made with ricotta, sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese, it can be enjoyed both hot and cold. What give colors to your aperitif with friends, even if you don't have time to cook! This vegetarian version can also be made with coppa or raw ham for example. Source:

The ultimate recipe

Anne Demay-Reverdy / Seasonal basket If you don't trust your cooking skills, let this recipe guide you couldn't be easier! With puff pastry, white ham, tomato puree and grated Comté cheese, you will get a nice sun to share. Ingredients easy to find and to cook, which will delight young and old! Source:

The unusual dish to serve your guests

Manue's popotte If you are planning to entertain, wow your guests with a pizza-style sun tart! More original than a pizza, this puff pastry recipe will also be lighter and allow you to offer an unusual dinner to share. Most ? It is very easy to make. Source:

Make an original aperitif dinner

A Seed of Idea To change the eternal cherry tomatoes, verrines and other ham rolls, in just thirty minutes, prepare a pie from the sun! You will only need ham, crème fraîche, grated emmental cheese and an onion. Its light, flaky texture is ideal for an aperitif. The little extra? Sprinkle the top of the pie with black sesame seeds for an additional aesthetic touch. Source:

When gluttony is found on the plate

Dorian Cuisine Inspired by one of the recipes from the book * Sun Pies *, from the collection * Les petits plats * by Marabout, this gourmet pie is made with chocolate, almonds and honey. Thanks to its precut parts, all you have to do is serve you! Source:

The prettiest of plates

Marie Chioca This pie has a different shape from the sun pies that we are used to seeing. To achieve this result, draw a star in the center of the dough, using a ruler and a pizza cutter. Then place already cooked zucchini and peppers, pine nuts avoiding the star. Fold down the branches before putting everything in the oven. Magic ! Source:


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