Highlighting the headboard wall in 10 lessons

Highlighting the headboard wall in 10 lessons

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Whether you have a headboard or not, the wall that hosts your bed must sublimate it in order to properly materialize the sleeping area. To help you enhance your wall, follow our very decorative ideas.

A blackboard wall

Alinéa What if you used paint to enhance the wall of the headboard? We then choose a black slate paint that will allow you to transform your wall into a work of art as you wish.

An urban wallpaper

Castorama For a modern bedroom and a touch of design, you can also choose wallpaper if you choose the right motif. You will opt for very graphic buildings in a black and white finish which will correspond to the dominant colors of the decor of the room.

A single strip of wallpaper

Purpose To materialize the bed, you can also opt for a simple strip of wallpaper that you will place in the center of the bed. You can then dare a wallpaper with strong patterns that would have been too present in total look on a wall.

A decor with painting

V33 If you feel the soul of an artist, do not hesitate to use your talents on the wall of the headboard. Take some paint and draw a headboard on the wall to create a decorative and original effect. Play on a shade of shades for a discreet rendering.

A curtain as a wall

Ikea Your bed is in the center of the room and does not have a wall to lean against the headboard? You can then create an artificial partition that will enhance the bed by opting for a curtain that will separate two spaces and create an original wall.

An effect wall

Ikea If your room is fairly classic, you can give it a more original style by betting on a headboard wall with effects. The concrete effect will undoubtedly bring a trendy modern touch.

Stripes on a white wall

Fly Is your wall white and lacking in pep? Trace very dynamic stripes using painter's tape and very colorful paint. You will get a very artistic pop effect that is sure to appeal to teens.

A feminine color

Fly To set the tone for a bedroom, you can simply bet on the wall of the headboard. Here, the bedroom is completely white and has a feminine color only on the wall of the headboard to enhance the sleeping area.

Stickers for children

Poisson Bulle Finally, to enhance the wall of the children's headboard, do not hesitate to bet on funny stickers that will make the child's room a playful space conducive to daydreaming. You can install the stickers in a frieze just above your child's head.


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