Advent wreaths: choose your style!

Advent wreaths: choose your style!

From the first day of December and from the front door, it is with an Advent wreath that we create a festive atmosphere. The good news is that there is something for all styles!

A frosted Advent wreath

Truffaut ### It is possible to create a frosty fairy-like decor from the entrance. On the program, on the door, an Advent wreath combining whiteness and transparency. Bright and frosty, it opens the way to end-of-year festivitiesā€¦

A natural Advent wreath

Jardiland ### Very natural spirit for this crown made up of pine cones, leaves and bark of birch, stars and fake snow. On the door, it has an effect!

A starry Advent wreath

Nature & Découvertes ### Christmas constellation on the Advent wreath! In lightly cut wood, its stars light up the front door with a breath of charm and poetry.

An all-wood Advent wreath

Nature & Découvertes ### Beautiful assemblage of small wooden branches that have formed a 100% natural Advent wreath. It remains to wrap a light garland around it, and everything is done!

A traditional Advent wreath

Les 3 Suisses ### This Advent wreath is made of fir branches (PVC) decorated with red decorations, gifts, faux holly, decorative knotsā€¦ (in fabric).

A snowy Advent wreath

Truffaut ### Mildly snowy, this end-of-year wreath garnished with pine cones, knitted balls, copper bells and winter flowers sells us a piece of dream. On the door, she seems to announce: "welcome to the magic of Christmas" ...

An Advent wreath in holly

Siléa ### Artificial red berries and holly for this chic and stylish Advent wreath.