Wood in the spotlight in the home

Wood in the spotlight in the home

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In the house, wood is a favorite material that can be installed on walls and floors as well as furniture and decorative items. For a warm interior, alternately rustic or contemporary, wood is your ally. Proof by 10!

Wood on the ground

The most common use of wood is undoubtedly on the floor with a beautiful parquet that will give character to the whole room. Note that parquet finds its place in all styles like here in a loft atmosphere associated with metal.

A wooden house

For an original and natural-looking house, you can also opt for wood as a building material. This gives a modern and warm house that blends into the landscape.

Wood kitchen

## Wood in the kitchen The trend is for wooden kitchens! You then have multiple options for bringing this material into the room. You can opt for wall cladding, a wooden worktop or even entirely wooden furniture. Do not hesitate to mix white furniture with wood to ventilate the room.

Exposed beams

If you live in an old house, you may be lucky to have exposed beams. In this case, do not hide them because it will be the decorative asset of the room! By leaving them natural you will get a character decoration and by painting them in a neutral color, you will get a more contemporary result.

Wooden furniture

The wooden furniture does not fail to bring warmth to all the rooms of the house! We can choose a wooden bed or even create storage with wooden crates for a very recovered style.

Wooden decorative objects

Whether for the child's bedroom or the living room, there are now many wooden decorative objects. We will choose a train for the small bedroom and beautiful bowls for the living room.

A wooden terrace

Depending on the wood and the treatments, the wood can be installed outside perfectly. We take this opportunity to treat ourselves to a wooden terrace with matching furniture to provide an exotic atmosphere to the outdoor space.

A wooden bathroom

In the same way, wood can also settle in the bathroom provided that you choose a species or a treatment that allows the wood to resist humidity. You can then give yourself a rustic chic look in this room to relax in a warm space.

A beautiful wooden door

In the past, wooden doors were carved and worked to create the decor. Do not hesitate to hunt for old wooden doors that you will install in your interior to give it character. Request a free wood door quote