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The 2016 decoration trends in 10 photos

The 2016 decoration trends in 10 photos

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Who says new year also says new decor! To renew the style of your interior and be at the forefront of fashion, here are the ten trends in vogue for 2016. It's up to you to pick the one (s) that best suit your home and your budget.

A retro canteen dining room

La Mangerie In 2016, the dining room follows the trend of the retro canteen, adopted by all the new trendy spots and restaurants. Convivial at will, it mixes styles for an authentic and recovered effect, in pastel shades. Wooden crates become pretty shelves for hanging dishes and small mismatched bowls. Cozy and trendy at the same time!

Home working

Boconcept This year, the office has been transformed! Normal, it follows the trend of home working, which transforms our habits and lifestyles. Increasingly popular with the working population, home working offers great freedom and requires a furnished office. There is no shortage of solutions for arranging small spaces to create a cozy and functional place.

Hide unsightly electrical cables / Etsy One of the decorative trends this year is to get rid of the electrical cables that litter the bottom of our furniture once and for all. If you can't put them in a box or fix them behind your electronic devices, play the aesthetic card by sticking them to the wall with masking tape. Also use this colored tape to recognize the wires.

Hijack everyday objects

Cafein break In the movement of Ikea hacks, all the objects that we use every day are likely to be diverted to save space. For example, instead of overflowing your drawers with stacks of scarves, you can hang its last on a hanger. In addition, you will see them better!

Make unique wall decorations

Designfolia Blog / Deco crush Wall decoration is the new Do It Yourself of the moment! Make a wall hanging of several colors if you have the right material and if you are used to knitting. If you dare not take the plunge, choose paper origami to fold yourself. Choose pop or pastel colors, depending on the style of your room.

50 Shades of… gray!

Neptune The flagship color of 2016 is gray, but also all its nuances. Furniture, cushions, throws or decorative accessories… All these elements come in a multitude of colors that will warm your interior.

Graphic and colorful cushions

For Interior Give pep's to a slightly drab sofa or to a bedroom that lacks personality by adding several colorful cushions. There are all sizes, with original patterns, messages or shapes.

Install geometric tiles

Royal Roulotte To bring color to your bathroom, install tiling with ethnic or retro patterns. It will go perfectly in an immaculate bathroom, a little vintage or very contemporary.

Scandinavian style

Maisons du Monde Last but not least, the Scandinavian is still in vogue in 2016. Whether in the kitchen with utensils and refined dishes or in a living room with wooden shelves and typically Norwegian furniture, you will no longer be able to do without!


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