Decorative ideas for the guest bedroom

Decorative ideas for the guest bedroom

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When you are used to receiving friends, you must offer them a space so that they can spend comfortable nights. And the guest bedroom must also be decorated to please your guests! Also, we offer decorative advice for your additional room.

A practical guest bedroom

Paragraph No need to choose many furniture in the guest room, you can settle for a bed. And to provide some storage, bet on a bed with a shelving headboard and drawers under the box spring.

A convertible guest bedroom

Purpose If you want your guest room to be usable in another way, for example create a TV room or an office by betting on a Murphy bed that you will only have to unfold to transform the room into a bedroom. comfortable friends.

A bedroom in the living room

Purpose Likewise, know that you do not have to dedicate a room to the guest bedroom. You can occasionally transform the living room into a bedroom with a comfortable convertible sofa.

A nature style room

Purpose If you want to decorate your guest room, you will have to find a style that appeals to as many people as possible. For this, you can for example bet on a nature style with wooden furniture and natural colors that will create a pleasant atmosphere.

A themed guest bedroom

Fly What if you give a discreet theme to your guest room to wink at your guests? You live in Paris ? Why not install a painting representing the Eiffel Tower to enhance their stay in the capital?

A comfortable guest bedroom

Fly If you want a discreet decoration for your guest room, you can bet on white walls and a single bed. You will then make sure to make the room comfortable and warm by using beautiful bed linen.

A bedroom under the eaves

Fly If you install the guest bedroom under the eaves, do not hesitate to give a charming style to the room. With weathered furniture and soft colors. You can leave the exposed beams for more character.

A practical guest bedroom

Ikea Know that your friends will also accommodate a room that has another use. The guest bedroom can for example be installed in your sewing workshop. Just make sure you can hide this part with large curtains.

A room with natural colors

Ikea Finally, to please as many people as possible, you can opt for a safe bet by choosing natural colors. Go for white and add a few warmer touches with beige or taupe.

A parental suite for friends

Alinéa The friends passing through this house will be delighted to invest this immense space at their disposal. When you are lucky enough to have a large house, you can afford to favor a large space for your friends. Done, the result is superb with the exposed beams and touches of blue. We love !

Storage bed in guest bedroom

BoConcept Thanks to the lifting mattress and the chest space below, it is very simple and quick to make the bed. It stores the imposing blankets and sheets after the passage of friends.

The guest bedroom under the eaves

Ferm Living By creating a space in the attic for the guest bedroom, we allow them to have a little privacy. High in ceiling, this room is bathed in light and allows you to place a huge wardrobe to match the rest of the furniture.

A two-in-one guest bedroom

Fly It's easy to hide the guest bedroom in the living room with this click-clack. In pink and gray it is aesthetically folded as unfolded. And accompanied by cushions and plaid, it promises to be very comfortable!

The guest bedroom is camouflaged

Ikea In this room, we put everything on the wood and the cocoon side of space. With bunk beds, you gain space and privacy thanks to the curtains. The rest of the space is used for storage, including this superb red wardrobe which stands proudly in the middle of the room.

The classic guest bedroom

Ikea With solid colors, the bedroom for friends can just have a checkered print on the cover. As large as a sofa as a double bed, it is used in a living room as in an office.

Living room transformed into guest bedroom

Ikea All dressed in white, this desk acts as a guest bedroom when the latter spend the night at home. In no time we transform a simple office sofa into a comfortable bed for our guests.

We play on materials in the guest bedroom

Maisons du Monde All the little details contribute to the delicate atmosphere of this guest room. With a soft carpet, cushions and soft blankets, we have made every effort to make our friends feel as comfortable as possible.

Well-appointed guest bedroom

Ikea Even if the room is small, we still have room for a wardrobe, a bedside table, a shelf, a stool and storage lockers to place under the bed. We love the multicolored graphic print of the headboard which gives a touch of pep to the white room.

Make your friends travel overnight

Maisons du Monde With black parquet floors, a walnut wood bed and resin statues representing the wise monkeys, our friends will feel on an Asian excursion.