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La Camif presents its new collection made in France

La Camif presents its new collection made in France

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La Camif, which specializes in the sale of furniture and decorative items to individuals, also offers products from sustainable development. The brand is presenting its new Made in France collection for 2016. A look back at the editorial team's top 10 favorites.

A fabric and wood cocoon

CAMIF The YAS sofa, with its rounded lines and neutral colors, is perfect for an interior with colorful details, as with this pretty striped rug. Its mouse gray color allows it to blend into any decoration and its wooden feet bring a design touch to our interiors. * YAS sofa by Camif, * ** € 3,579 **

Perfect for the fireplace

CAMIF When the evenings get cold, what could be better than lounging on a sofa, comfortably installed by the fireside? This shades of gray give a chic country effect that is not to displease us. * Striata sofa by Camif, ** € 784 ***

Beautiful Scandinavian living room

CAMIF Made in France is also inspired by the timeless Scandinavian style for a warm living room where life is good. The must: the three-in-one coffee table in beautiful pastel colors.

Cozy or industrial room

CAMIF The Made in France collection of Camif offers a whole range of bed linen in soft and spring colors which will allow you to harmonize the style of decoration of your rooms.

Chic effect, shock price

CAMIF The Maëva sofa has nothing to envy of other more expensive models. Its soft price and modern design will suit any interior with a touch of chic. * Maeva sofa by Camif, ** 595 € ***

In wenge

CAMIF For a chic Asian touch, opt for this beautiful wenge bed frame, a wood from tropical regions that pleases with its dark and captivating shade.

A classic and chic sofa

CAMIF With the Lawrence sofa, the Camif offers a design that is both classic and chic. Its beautiful gray color will enhance a sober and elegant interior. * Lawrence sofa by Camif, ** 2,089 € ***

A little color in the room

CAMIF If, as in the picture, your bedroom is decorated in pretty neutral tones, why not opt ​​for this spring bed set and its multiple colors?

A very cozy leather sofa

CAMIF The Jamaïque model, adorned with a beautiful cognac leather, offers a very soft seat. * Camif Jamaica sofa, ** € 5,499 ***


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