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10 easy recipes for Chinese New Year

10 easy recipes for Chinese New Year

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In just a few days the Chinese New Year will take place, an opportunity for lovers of Asian cuisine to feast on traditional Chinese dishes. Do you want to make a meal made in China in your family cocoon? The editorial team has concocted a selection of 10 tasty and gourmet recipes, with the sweet scent of exoticism. Discovery in pictures!

Caramelized flavor

The woks of life After the Dim Sum with pork, here is the Hong Shao pork! An economical, gourmet and ultra nourishing dish, essential for a successful festive meal. With or without spice, coated with caramel or not, the choice is yours. In any case, we made our choice! Source: The woks of life

A dish to adopt!

Charlotte's lively kitchen All Chinese people know Chow Mein, this family dish of sautéed Chinese noodles, garnished with crisp fresh vegetables and tasty pieces of chicken. Something to make your mouth water! Source: Charlotte's lively kitchen

Gourmet variation

Bernard's cuisine We also like to eat it when served with tender duck fillets cut into strips and sautéed in a pan! Explosion in the mouth guaranteed! Source: Bernard's kitchen


Damn delicious And here is a great classic of Chinese cuisine: Won ton ravioli noodle soup. The gourmet tip? Serve with steamed buns or small sesame patties. Source: Damn delicious


My easy chinese recipes Discover the land of the Rising Sun with this recipe for Chinese noodle soup flavored with beef. A balanced and healthy meal that has it all! Source: My easy chinese recipes

Last minute dinner

The chunky chef Prepare a festive meal in just twenty minutes, mission impossible? Absolutely not ! No more stress with this original recipe for sautéed rice with shrimps, variation of the famous Cantonese rice. Source: The chunky chef

Beef stir-fry with tender curry

Cooking in less than 30 minutes The best of gourmet and quick meals? The sautéed beef and its curry sauce! A real treat to taste accompanied by rice. Yum ! Source: Cooking in less than 30 minutes

Pekinese style lamb

A needle in the soup You probably know the Moroccan braised lamb, but have you ever heard of the Pekingese lamb? If not, we strongly recommend that you take a look at the blog A needle in the soup. You will tell us news! Source: A needle in the soup

Sweet version

China sichuan food Continuation and end of our discovery of emblematic Chinese dishes with this Banh Bao recipe, a sweet variation of Dim Sum. Filled with an egg, peanut or coconut stuffing, we love them all the way! Source: China sichuan food


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