10 ideas for using a light garland

10 ideas for using a light garland

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The light garlands do not only find their place in our interiors during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Indeed, the garlands of light make it possible to reconcile light and decoration all year long provided you know how to use them. Here are 10 ideas to help you find a place for your garland.

A garland on a shelf

To decorate a little more a shelf which accommodates decorative objects, you can bet on a light garland that you will run along the entire length of the shelf. Do not hesitate to pass it between the objects for a very decorative effect.

A garland to frame a mirror

Why not use a light garland to create a beautiful frame around a mirror? It is enough to fix it so that it is placed around the mirror to highlight it.

A garland at the corner of a wall

To round off the angles in the decor, we choose a light garland that we hang vertically so that it descends on the corner of two walls and that it illuminates this usually unused part.

A garland on a piece of furniture

Why not add a decorative touch to a storage unit by adding a light garland. For example, hang a garland at the top of a piece of furniture and hang the second part a little lower to create a decorative look.

A garland on a beam

If your interior has exposed beams, you will be able to give them an original decorative effect by hanging a light garland that will flourish all over the beam.

A garland to frame a room

Likewise, you can use a light garland to frame a room using the accessory on both the walls and the ceiling. Know that it also works with LED strips.

A garland at the head of the bed

To illuminate the headboard inexpensively, nothing like a light garland that hangs on the wall above the bed. You can place it horizontally or create an original shape for a more personal decoration.

A garland on a fireplace

Often, the old fireplaces are used to install beautiful decorative objects. And to highlight them, we choose a very fine garland that we will place behind the objects to highlight them and offer a warm atmosphere.

A garland to customize an object

Why not have fun with the garlands to create an original decor? We think of dressing our objects with this luminous accessory to give it a poetic or offbeat side.