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The new urban jungle collection by BoConcept

The new urban jungle collection by BoConcept

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Placed under the sign of the urban jungle, a beautiful echo of the Wild theme acclaimed at the last Maison et Objet show, the new spring-summer 2016 collection by BoConcept is an invitation to travel, coupled with a beautiful vegetal breath. Without denying their Nordic origins, the new pieces of furniture and other decorative accessories adopt warm forms and adorn themselves with vibrant colors. While waiting to discover these new products in stores, let yourself be disoriented by our 10 favorites.

Multiply the vases to create an exotic cocoon

Julie Guillermet Who says urban jungle, says vegetal interior. And to bring touches of greenery to your * home sweet home *, we put on vases with raw materials and finishes. In this atmosphere, we melt for Bloom, the small green vase of water, located in the center of the image. ** Bloom vases **: 84 euros the small model, and 109 euros the large

Adelaide, the new outdoor table

Julie Guillermet Presented as outdoor furniture, the new Adelaïde table also invites itself very well indoors. With its magnificent eucalyptus base, its delicate gray finish with green reflections and its beautiful dimensions, it seduces us at first sight. Not you ? ** Adelaïde outdoor table **: 1,489 euros

Cushions like it's raining

Julie Guillermet A cozy trend, the accumulation of cushions also has its place in the urban jungle imagined by BoConcept. The proof with this gentle staging. ** Cushions **: from 54 euros to 115 euros, depending on model

Copenhagen, the new wall combination

Julie Guillermet Ultra customizable and flexible at will, the new Copenhagen system adapts to your needs, whatever they are. In turn, bookcase, sideboard or sideboard, this storage can be integrated into all living spaces, the signature BoConcept style and refinement as a bonus. ** Copenhagen wall combination **: 2,449 euros

Cenova, the timeless forest green sofa

Julie Guillermet Dressed in Napoli fabric in a furiously decorative color, forest green, Cenova is a comfortable sofa, capable of easily accommodating three people. Embellished with cushions in summer colors, this is a seat that does not lack pep. ** Cenova sofa **: 2,829 euros

Copenhagen, the ultimate functional office

Julie Guillermet In the vein of its big sister, the Copenhagen wall combination, the eponymous desk is also customizable and modular. The goal ? Allow you to create an office space as elegant as it is functional. ** Copenhagen office **: 2,359 euros

Shining wire, baskets that throw out

Julie Guillermet Made of iron and adorned with a sublime brass finish, the Shining wire storage baskets are perforated just enough to allow a glimpse of what they contain. ** Shining wire baskets **: 110 euros for the small model, and 185 euros for the large

Chiva, the coffee table that hides its game well

Julie Guillermet Concealing three storage spaces under its matt white lacquered glass top, Chiva will fit perfectly into the smallest areas. Goal ? Win precious square meters, with class and refinement. ** Chiva coffee table **: 699 euros

Nature decor accessories

Julie Guillermet Between small concrete boxes and bi-material storage compartments, our gaze is on the duo shovel-brush in raw wood located on the top shelf. A beautiful decorative accessory imbued with exoticism. ** Wooden shovel and brush **: 66 euros


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