10 ideas to integrate your fridge into your kitchen

10 ideas to integrate your fridge into your kitchen

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The refrigerator is certainly the most important appliance in the kitchen. And as you use it every day, as much as it is as beautiful as possible! Beyond technical performance, many models of fridges are today unstoppable decorative advantages in the kitchen. Here is our selection.

An immaculate fridge

Ikea If your kitchen is white and you want to keep a sleek and design style, choose a model in the same shade as your kitchen elements, which you will install between two storage spaces. The demarcation will then be reduced.

When the fridge is well hidden

Hygena At first glance, you don't see a refrigerator in this kitchen, and yet there is one, right of the oven! For optimal visual harmony, choose a built-in model in the same color as your storage.

A vintage device brought up to date

First floor workshop This refrigerator from the 70s is resolutely in trend thanks to the walls painted in blue and the small touches of yellow, which decorate the space. You almost confuse it with a closet, and yet it contains a lot of food!

Opt for a family model

Samsung Who says large family often says impressive fridge. To avoid the device clogging up your kitchen too much, prefer a three-door model, which will take up less space when opened, like the one from the Samsung brand. Modern and design, it will be perfect for intersecting a work plan.

Visual separation

Lareduc kitchen In an American kitchen, if you do not want your fridge to be built into your storage units, you can also integrate it upstream in the room, so that it acts as a separation with the living room. Arriving in the kitchen, its height will stop the eye.

Save space in a studio

John Strand If your kitchen is tight or you live in a studio, the refrigerator can be a real problem. Swap the classic models for a mini version, which you can fit under a sink or a worktop, for more ergonomics.

Put the device in a cupboard

Kitchen Aid Here is a rather unusual but nevertheless very practical way to save space in a small kitchen and avoid having unsightly appliances. Install your fridge in one of your low kitchen cupboards. When the door is closed, your guests won't even know where your fridge is!

A designer handle

Aviva For a modern fridge, swap the classic models for a design appliance whose handle is not on the left, but in height for example, as in this open kitchen. The illusion effect will be increased tenfold because the device will merge with the cabinets.

Choose a retro and colorful model

Smeg This model of the Smeg brand is a timeless one. In mini or standard version, it is adorned with different colors - such as this pale green or this girly pink - to bring a touch of color to your kitchen, whether it is glued to a pi worktop embedded below it.


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