The 10 essentials of garden decoration

The 10 essentials of garden decoration

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For your garden to be successful, there are some essential decorations that you absolutely need! Start preparing today for the first rays of sunshine by making the checklist of what you need for a top garden in 2013!

A decorative watering can

Who is Paul? And to water your plants, you can treat yourself to a decorative watering can whose design will bring the decorative touch to the garden. Prefer a colorful model that will add cheerfulness to your decor.

A garden furniture

Botanic To spend pleasant afternoons in the sun or beautiful evenings with friends, the garden furniture is a must! We choose it in woven resin for a contemporary look that suits all outdoor spaces. Note that during winter, it can even find its place indoors!

A table for sunny lunches

Alinéa The real pleasure of the first rays of sun and being able to stroll on the terrace or in the garden. But for this to work at home, you absolutely need a table and chairs to install outside. We love the weatherproof metal furniture, easy to live in and very decorative!

A barbecue to feed everyone

Leroy Merlin The star of outdoor lunches is of course the barbecue and its famous grills which will allow you to cook for all your guests while enjoying the outdoors. We then offer a real outdoor kitchen!

A deckchair for sunbathing

Alinéa When the sun is really there, it's time to take out the deckchairs for a tanning session! We put on the deckchairs that you can fold to store them in winter: it's practical and decorative at the same time!

A decorative umbrella

Bois d'Honfleur Design But when the sun beats too hard, you obviously have to protect yourself. For this, we draw a large parasol in a style that matches the garden furniture! For an even more decorative touch, you can multiply the parasols for a graphic effect.

A decorative screen

Leroy Merlin To protect yourself from prying eyes and enjoy the garden in complete privacy, you will need to bet on a privacy screen. But beware, this one should not distort the decor of the garden. Then choose a model that matches your style.

A birdhouse

Spoiler To add a decorative touch and enjoy the birds of spring, do not hesitate to offer them a small cabin in one of your trees. This house will also be just as useful in winter!

Decorative lighting for the garden

Le Deun Luminaire In the garden we also light up! We then opt for lighting as decorative as those inside to enhance the outdoor space. Do not hesitate to opt for design models or even for bright furniture.


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