Pink in the bathroom

Pink in the bathroom

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Did you think of the pink reserved for little girls' rooms? Think again ! This color, imprint of softness and with a strong relaxing power, will also find its place in the bathroom, by small touches or in total look. From neon pink, to candy pink through nude pink or pastel pink, discover 10 ways to tame it. Demonstration!

Light pink

Delpha Assembled, light pink, mauve and beige are perfect for creating a feeling of well-being in the bathroom. For more effect, do not hesitate to mix the materials: glossy mauve and white furniture, a sparkling bathtub wall clad in pink mosaics, a beige pile carpet, for example.

Nude pink

Burgbad Do you want a chic, natural and cozy bathroom? Bet on a pale pink which alone will create the desired ambiance. Juxtaposed with wooden furniture, the space will transform in two stages three movements into a cocoon of softness. So tempted?

Old pink

Verdun kitchen An old pink wall covering and classic style furniture have transformed this bathroom into an elegant and feminine space where it is good to bask.

Girly Rose

Ikea If you have kept your soul as a little girl, you will no doubt fall in love with this resolutely girly candy pink bathroom. To reduce its overly invigorating side, the idea was to combine it with pure white furniture with strict lines. The result: a contemporary bathroom, far from being monotonous.

Pastel pink

Dulux Valentine This classic bathroom has offered a touch of femininity and modernity by scattering here and there the pastel pink color. Associated with the mole, it suggests a soft and warm atmosphere perfectly controlled.

Acid rose

Tarket If the idea of ​​using neon pink tempts you, know that you can absolutely adopt it on the floor of your bathroom. Associated with a tangy yellow, like here, its radiance will only be multiplied. Be careful however to use this shade sparingly at the risk of brushing against the overdose!

Variation of pink

Delpha Bring a breeze of softness in your bathroom by focusing on a shades of pink. Reassuring colors that will marry perfectly with a plum shade, olive green, wooden furniture and floral patterns for a spring result, full of freshness.

Raspberry and wood

Leroy Merlin To bring a touch of authenticity and originality to your bathroom, you can count on the combination of blond wood, plum color. A perfect winning combo to create a Scandinavian atmosphere.

Dark pink

Lux'Art Design Easy to install, the pink floral wallpaper is perfect for bringing warmth and texture to a classic bathroom. It brings a small country side which is far from displeasing us.


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