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Cute and inexpensive wallpaper for children's rooms

Cute and inexpensive wallpaper for children's rooms

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Wallpaper is making a comeback in decoration. He sets the scene, takes us into a poetic universe and structures the space. Become a design accessory more than DIY, it stirs the minds of brands that abound with creativity to sublimate our walls. Yes but ... the little ones in all this? They too have the right to a universe of their own, aesthetic and dreamlike. So, to redo the decor of your little one's bedroom without breaking the bank, selected 10 wallpapers, pretty and affordable. They will love it!

Sweet starry night for baby

Graham & Brown For the little ones, we love this wallpaper proposed by Graham & Brown. Its tender and very trendy color will go particularly well with white and wooden furniture. We choose it so that baby has sweet dreams! * Pooh Goddnight Vintage wallpaper ** € 25.28 ** per roll at Amazon *

Winnie the Pooh X decor trend

Graham & Brown Coordinated with the Pooh Goddnight Vintage wallpaper or used alone, this pretty wallpaper, in which the characters of Winnie the Pooh are hidden, is ideal for a boy's room. Its white patterns, funny without being garish, will allow you to keep it for several years because it is suitable for all ages. * Pooh 123 Vintage wallpaper ** € 25.34 ** per roll at Amazon *

Graphic design… for toddlers too!

Graham & Brown Super graphic and sunny, this trendy wallpaper is perfect for a little girl's or boy's room. We love its geometric patterns, its lively spirit and its delicate bright yellow notes. Design yes, but not only for adults! * Yellow triangle wallpaper at Graham & Brown ** € 19.99 ** at Alinéa *

A subtle girly wallpaper

Conforama Rather suitable for little girls' bedrooms, this Hello Kitty wallpaper will delight young fans but also their parents since the balance between the patterns and the background is subtle. The decor is girly, modern and dynamic. So if your daughter swears by Hello Kitty, go for it. * Hello Kitty wallpaper ** € 19.99 ** roll at Conforama *

Vintage decor for comic book fans

Graham & Brown A wallpaper that will appeal to all comic book fans. Adapted to all ages and unisex, it will also support your child in learning English! Of course, he will never tire of rereading his favorite pages before sleeping. In terms of decoration, we love the vintage side of Mickey's first albums. * Mickey Graham & Brown wallpaper ** € 21.90 ** at Alinéa *

Mixed and elegant wallpaper

Leroy Merlin For a delicate children's bedroom, opt for this elegant and discreet wallpaper. Gray peas on a white background, a classic that lasts, never goes out of fashion and imposes itself by its finesse: just the right amount. * Gray dots wallpaper ** € 17.90 ** roll at Leroy Merlin *

Fluff on the wall

Leroy Merlin An airy, soft and comforting wallpaper! Ideal for small rooms because its light shade will tend to enlarge the space. We fall in love with the plush patterns that make all the charm of this coating. * Gray fluff wallpaper ** € 16.90 ** roll at Leroy Merlin *

An arty room for the little ones

4 walls We love this concentrated vitamin on the walls. The colored polka dots arranged in a line create a very well done relief effect, which energizes the space. An ideal room for toddlers full of life, who will feel comfortable in this arty decor and conducive to creativity. * Little peas wallpaper ** 14.90 € ** per roll at 4 walls *

Color with Winnie the Pooh

Bébé Gavroche Colorful and very cute, this wallpaper will liven up the little ones' room. Winnie the Pooh and his friends invite themselves to the walls to add color, joy and good humor. * Winnie the Pooh wallpaper ** € 16 ** per roll at Bébé Gavroche *


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