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The greenhouse, a decorative shelter for all seasons

The greenhouse, a decorative shelter for all seasons

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The greenhouses enter the decorating round. Real pieces in addition or simply to cultivate an island of greenery, there is something for all tastes and all sizes. In iron, wood or polycarbonate, they invite themselves into the garden and allow you to fully enjoy the joys of nature in all seasons.

A greenhouse to store

Beltima Rather than the traditional chalet at the bottom of the garden for storing tools, bet on the charm of the greenhouse. Its half-height wooden walls partially hide the tools.

A greenhouse as a shelter

Maisons du Monde This charming steel greenhouse with a rusty metal finish will welcome your plants to spend the winter without fear of frost and will serve as an additional veranda to take advantage of the sun's rays in winter.

An extra greenhouse for small spaces

Plants and design Small spaces also have the right to their greenhouse. Reserved exclusively for plants, it can be installed on a terrace or balcony. Made of wood, it is not without charm.

A round greenhouse

Beltima In a 19th century spirit, this greenhouse, made of glass, wood and wrought iron, was fitted out like a small workshop for sowing. Practical and decorative, it adds an undeniable charm to the garden.

A greenhouse in an original format

Catherine's garden Hexagonal in shape, the greenhouse has been fitted out as an additional room. As an extension of the terrace, it allows you to benefit from the exceptional view while remaining protected by capricious weather.

A greenhouse for lunch in the middle of the greenery

Beltima Why not use the greenhouse to create a dining room where it will be pleasant to have lunch in fine weather! It can even be set up like a house to receive friends.

A light greenhouse

Light garden chalet with its polycarbonate walls, this greenhouse is ideal for growing its plants. It is not afraid of frost or scratches and does not turn yellow in the sun.

A victorian greenhouse

Castorama A veritable winter garden, this greenhouse allows you to capture the light and heat of the sun to grow your green plants, your vegetables or to protect plants from insects.

And why not an indoor greenhouse?

Maisons du Monde After the garden, the greenhouse enters the interior of the house. A less common use that allows you to create additional space in a large room. Office, guest room, baby room ... anything goes!