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Koket, the quirky chic furniture brand

Koket, the quirky chic furniture brand

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Raised between Europe and the United States, the New Yorker Janet Morais founded her brand in 2010. Influenced by the decorative arts, fashion, flora and fauna, the interior designer has given life to pieces exceptional furniture. Comparable to real works of art, the creations of the Koket brand bring character and a touch of dreaminess to luxurious interiors tinged with originality.

Drapesse, a chair with an enveloping aesthetic

Koket A tribute to the avant-garde style, a touch of modern baroque, from the interior designer Dorothy Draper, the Drapesse chair is dressed in dark velvet and cream leather. A mixture of materials capable of emphasizing its enveloping look at will.

Nessa, an armchair with slender curves

Koket Offering a beautiful seat, the Nessa armchair allows to bring a modern boudoir spirit to a reading corner, as to an ultra feminine dressing table.

Caprichosa, a voluptuous velvet sofa

Koket With its voluptuous and feminine curves, Caprichosa offers beautiful seating comfort. Adorned with velvet, it rests on four feet in golden brass.

Stella, a floral design mirror

Koket Cap on a floral design, almost springtime with Stella, a large round mirror decorated with brass stems and fleur-de-lis ...

Intuition, an exceptional dining table

Koket Like a ribbon made of a beautiful metallic alloy, the base of the Intuition dining table takes us into a baroque whirlwind.

Mistress, a baroque bench

Koket Suitable for chats and all kinds of confidences, Mistress revisits the Baroque style with modernity and attention to detail.

Kelly, a sofa with a distinguished silhouette

Koket Between harmonious curves and intense duck blue color, Kelly is THE centerpiece that will give a crazy cachet to your living room.

Hypnotic, a precious chandelier

Koket Carefully crafted, the Hypnotic chandelier is more like a work of art than a simple light. Mixing brass and black glass, this creation will warm the atmosphere of your living room in style.

Camilia, an extravagant wardrobe

Koket As comfortable in a bedroom as in a dining room, Camilia highlights a majestic peacock, meticulously engraved by hand and draped in gold leaf. More info on the Koket website.