La Redoute Interiors opens its first boutique in Paris

La Redoute Interiors opens its first boutique in Paris

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Only 2 days left before the opening of the first La Redoute Interiors boutique in Paris! The editorial 'exclusively shows you what the 155 m² showroom that will open this Saturday March 26 will look like. The opportunity to see for real what the trendy collections to shopper give on the online sales site. Bohemian and Scandinavian atmosphere for this shop located rue du Trésor (it can't be invented!), Not far from the AM / PM corner at BHV Marais. Discovery in pictures!

… And connected!

Josiane Asmane The little extra of the shop? Digital tablets that allow you to easily find objects spotted on the site. La Redoute Interiors also promises local advisers and interior architects for personalized decoration coaching. Miaka metal pendant lamp: ** 55.99 euros **

Capsule collections also for sale

Josiane Asmane Also in store, the La Redoute Interiors x Constance Gennari capsule collection (from The Socialite Family blog). A line of bedroom furniture inspired by Italian design, with trendy past colors. Armchair: ** 899 euros ** Floor lamp: ** 189 euros **

A Scandinavian cocoon

Josiane Asmane Among the different spaces, here is one in tune with the times! La Redoute Interiors plays the Scandinavian look with pops of pop colors that are not without displeasing us. Graphic and round shapes and very soft materials like this (fake) animal skin rug and ultra soft cushions. Did you say cocooning?

Endless linens

Josiane Asmane It is impossible to imagine a La Redoute Interiors boutique without showing linens, one of the brand's great specialties. Make room for covers, duvets and sheets of all colors to make your choice. Next door, the outdoor area highlights beautiful sun mirrors on the wall. Sun mirrors (2 possible shapes: eye or round): ** 60 euros **

And there was light !

Josiane Asmane Light on… the lights! La Redoute Interiors has dedicated a special corner for house lighting, ranging from small desk lamps to pretty pendant lights for the dining room. All styles pass there! If two were to be retained, it would be the first sisal lamp and the small black metal desk lamp (far right) for its 3 articulated ball joints. Yaku pendant light: ** 47.99 euros ** Kikan lamp: ** 39.99 euros **

Shades of blue

Josiane Asmane Zoom on this little sitting area which plays on shades of blue, going from clear to duck blue. To enhance the tone and play on contrasts, wood and a patterned black carpet. Without forgetting the wall in pan feathers! Hakin carpet: from ** 100 euros ** depending on the size.

Accessories to multiply

Josiane Asmane The shop also offers accessories, such as vases, cushions and storage baskets on shelves. To be superimposed by playing on colors and patterns for a neat decoration that mixes contemporary with ethnic chic. Elori storage baskets: ** 59 euros for 2 **

Wood in 2 versions

Josiane Asmane Furniture yes, but with a contemporary look! La Redoute Interiors is betting here on tables and chairs that blend perfectly with blond wood: in white (left) for the dining room, or in black (right) for a studious bedroom with desk. Jimi table: ** 159 euros ** Jimi chair (base in stained beech and varnished walnut): ** 70 euros **

A dream place for kids too!

Josiane Asmane Last but not least, the children's decor is on floor -1 of the shop. A retro style in pastel colors to spend sweet nights, surrounded by pretty messages such as "must dream" or "for ever". Blue and pink tones that are reminiscent of the Pantone colors of 2016. Hiba wardrobe 1 door: ** 279 euros ** More info: Boutique La Redoute Interiors 10 rue du Trésor 75004 Paris


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