The plates make the wall!

The plates make the wall!

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Plates hanging on the wall have long been considered indisputable evidence of bad taste. However, since the creators took hold of this movement, we have seen the hanging of our tableware on the wall with a different eye. Discover the secret of a successful composition in 10 atmospheres…

A shades of pastel colors

Toast In a country house spirit, the plates chosen in a shades of pastel colors adorn the wall in a romantic way.

English plates

The collection A small English accent resonates in this kitchen with this trompe l'oeil wallpaper which reproduces a service of English plates.

Plates that don't look like plates

No Without Reason This series of yellow plates is surprising by the small size of the models but also by their tart color which stands out on the khaki green wall.

Plates that make up an old map of Paris

No Without Reason Under the name of Free Bird, here is a composition of plates on the wall that combines practicality with aesthetics. Thanks to a magnetic system hung in the center of the back of the plate and on the wall each piece of the dresser is available at your fingertips.

Trompe l'oeil plates

The collection For those who do not like to clean, here is a trompe l'oeil wallpaper for plates on the wall without having to dust!

Themed plates

Flamingo In a seaside spirit, these plates coordinated with the color of the wall are an original way to thematize your wall.

Plates to draw an animal

No Without Reason Like a puzzle, this wall composition made of plates will enliven your wall with a beautiful blue hen that pecks on a wall! The magnetized plates are to be placed on the wall in the form of a puzzle.

Religious plates

Fabulous Animal If you lacked a religious vocation, here is something to remind you of!

Didactic plates

Fabulous Animal Here is a composition of plates that will liven up your dinners!


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