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10 original bathrooms to discover

10 original bathrooms to discover

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In the bathroom, white tiles are no longer the only master on board! On the contrary, the bathroom has become a real living room with decorative styles that were previously found in the living room or bedroom. You will understand, make way for originality! We invite you to discover 20 original bathrooms to inspire you.

A very natural bathroom

Allia The bathroom also invites you to travel with an exotic spirit that translates into natural materials throughout the room. Wood invites itself on the walls and furniture and on the floor, rough stone sets the tone. We open the bathroom to the outside to bring in nature.

An art deco bathroom

Espace Aubade You can also draw inspiration from art deco to create a chic, minimalist bathroom with a masculine touch by opting for metal pedestal sinks, sleek mirrors and marble as the material. For elegance, we play with dark colors that will bring the masculine side to the whole.

A charming bathroom

La Redoute At first glance, this room is not necessarily a bathroom! We chose for this a wooden piece of furniture to accommodate the basin and the storage accessories could also find their place in another room. The bathroom then seems improvised to offer a very pleasant room.

A bathroom in black

Leroy Merlin To break the codes of the traditional white hygienist, we rather put on its opposite with a bathroom in total look very dark. We then opt for black on the wall and the furniture and the floor will be in dark gray for a chic and masculine atmosphere.

An oriental bathroom

Leroy Merlin Usually, the mosaic is rather found in hammams and other institutes of oriental inspiration. But why not be inspired by it to create a bathroom which transcribes the warmth of the Maghreb?

Baroque bathroom

Delpha If you want to give real importance to the bathroom, you can opt for the sumptuous Baroque style with exuberant patterns on the wall and beautiful materials such as marble tiles. The baroque asset: a lion-footed bathtub that is placed in the center of the room.

A country bathroom

Delpha In the country bathroom, wood is used on the floor with parquet, wooden furniture and natural materials for the walls, for example exposed stone. In terms of colors, also play on natural shades.

A minimalist bathroom

Maisons du monde In this industrial-style bathroom, the bathroom furniture in stalls goes to the basics with a cylinder as a sink and a standing mirror that also serves as a shelf. For the storage of household linen, a metal locker does the trick.

A retro bathroom

Maisons du monde Finally, if you want a retro bathroom, immerse yourself in the world of advertisements of yesteryear with this furniture that features old advertisements for soap on wooden furniture.

A metal bathroom

Alinéa It is rare to see metal in the bathroom, yet this material suits him like a glove, especially here where the furniture plays with metal tubes for an urban atmosphere.

An old bathroom

La Maison Matelot Cement tiles, lion-footed bathtub or old-fashioned sink… Nothing bodes well in this bathroom for 2014! Lovers of retro atmospheres, this one is for you!

A chalet-style bathroom

Aquamass With this bathroom, you would think you were in the high mountains in a chalet as the wood is present in the room. For the mountain touch, the bathtub even has a cowhide motif.

A golden bathroom For a royal touch in the bathroom, you can opt for gold-covered furniture for a very chic decor but a bit bling bling.

A seaside bathroom

Alinea In this bathroom, we love the blue color of the walls and the seaside-inspired furniture. What is more original, however, is the floor that is dressed in pebbles!

A country style bathroom

Maisons du monde Head for the countryside with this rustically furnished bathroom where wood is the room's favorite material.

A boudoir bathroom

Delpha Here is a quintessential feminine bathroom with pink decor and feminine decorative elements for a romantic atmosphere that will appeal to young girls.

An arty bathroom

Delpha Make way for originality in this bathroom, fitted with original carpet and wall coverings. The most decorative: the gold-colored bathtub and the multicolored carpet that set the scene.

A bathroom like a public bath

Leroy Merlin In this bathroom, the covering in small tiles evokes public baths of yesteryear for an original thermal bath decor.

A bathroom of yesteryear

Leroy Merlin The originality of this bathroom? Wallpaper on the walls that gives an old-fashioned atmosphere. For the decoration of many family memories are installed on the wall to create a retro atmosphere.


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