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New colors for paints for woodwork and wooden furniture

New colors for paints for woodwork and wooden furniture

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Tollens expands its color palette for the decoration of woodwork and wooden furniture! On the program: 13 new toned or felted shades to color your desires. This range of paints offers the comfort of applying an acrylic paint and a limited solvent rate.

Deep colors

Tollens ## For an elegant and mysterious interior, we play with deep colors. For this, we choose different shades of blue, from the darkest to the lightest. You can extend your shades from black to purple. The new colors: Navy blue, Mosaic blue, Nordic island and Ultraviolet.

Warm colors

Tollens ### To bring a pop touch to your interior, choose warm colors! We then opt for colors ranging from pink to red through the tangerine. The new colors: Coral and Red arsenal.

Natural colors

Tollens ### For an atmosphere that is both classic and contemporary, we choose a range of natural colors. These colors are part of modernity to settle as much in family apartments as in urban lofts. The new colors: Canisse, Wild rice and Aluminum.


Tollens ### Note that Supreme paints have a deep and lasting color thanks to an acrylic texture rich in resin and pigments. Its covering power makes it possible to use it in a single-layer application for a simplified implementation. Paintings will find their place on doors, baseboards, windows, furniture and objects throughout the house. 19.50 euros for the 0.5L pot and 52.90 euros for the 2L pot


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