A refined architect's house in Tel Aviv

A refined architect's house in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv, Israel, the studio Neuman Hayner Architects imagined an ultra-design house that meets the expectations of a sunny climate: a spacious and comfortable house that opens to the outside to take advantage of the exceptional light of the region. A dream house that makes you want to vacation, to discover in pictures.

A cube for common spaces

Amit Gosher / Neuman Hayner Architects The house is therefore divided into two spaces. In the first cube, the architects limited the partitions to offer an unusual feeling of space, helped by a high ceiling height. The living room includes the kitchen which opens onto the dining room and a spacious living room separated by a low wall. Bathed in light, the whole is fully glazed.

A clever graphic game

Amit Gosher / Neuman Hayner Architects Above the kitchen, a more intimate living room also opens onto the living room and accentuates the graphic spirit where stacked lines are omnipresent: from kitchen furniture to railings through the windows.

All the same intimate spaces

Amit Gosher / Neuman Hayner Architects The imposing volume does not prevent the feeling of comfort in this living room. The trick? The architects have imagined a semi-partition which serves on one side for storage for the dining area and on the other, offers a feeling of intimacy in the living room installed at ground level, for a relaxed and comfortable spirit.

A breathable parental suite

Amit Gosher / Neuman Hayner Architects Design and cleanliness are not to be outdone in the second cube. The master suite plays with the volumes to offer different sleeping / bathroom spaces, and opens onto a large semi-covered terrace which thus preserves privacy and the interior temperature while offering exceptional brightness.

An atypical decoration

Amit Gosher / Neuman Hayner Architects To blend with the impressive volumes and the refined spirit of the architecture, the decoration has been designed in a warm spirit that invites relaxation and recalls the sweetness of life in holiday homes. In the teenage bedroom, the bed becomes the attraction of the room thanks to a wooden model suspended from the ceiling by ropes. A way to offer a natural touch to the interior open to the exterior.

Spaces dedicated to relaxation

Amit Gosher / Neuman Hayner Architects Designed for the well-being of its inhabitants, the architecture offers spaces with more moderate volumes in order to maximize the feeling of intimacy. At the bend of a superb bamboo staircase, we discover a sleek but comfortable TV lounge. The extra touch? A swing that recalls the design of the bed and adds a playful and soothing spirit.

Concern for materials

Amit Gosher / Neuman Hayner Architects What makes the house special? His skillful play of materials which gives him a design, refined and warm atmosphere. For this, the architects combined raw concrete with white solids which enhance the luminosity. Glass for modernity and raw wood for the natural note. A real play of textures in all rooms.

An exterior to live

Amit Gosher / Neuman Hayner Architects On the other side of the facade, the house opens to the outside thanks to the many picture windows. What to connect the interior with the outdoor space thought of as a living room with an incredible swimming pool that installs over the entire length of the house and an outdoor kitchen, design and friendly, whose huge table extends the 'small island.

A mirror living room outside

Amit Gosher / Neuman Hayner Architects A space similar to the living room is found outside on the terrace, in a real mirror game. A bay window serves as a separation. A dining area and a more convivial living room make a nod to the bed and the indoor swing thanks to the hanging furniture.