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Special birthday snacks: 10 styles to get inspired!

Special birthday snacks: 10 styles to get inspired!

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The day that children prefer? Their birthday! So much so that the editorial staff has listed in a joyful notebook of inspiration, several styles of snack to adopt, several ideas of table decoration to steal. All signed My Little Day.

Festive black & white

My Little Day Choosing a black and white palette to celebrate your birthday is the brilliant bet of this nice decor. The result: multiple patterns and two times more colorful treats! Proof that a black & white table decor is also suitable for a party atmosphere…

Divinely girly

My Little Day Total pink or purple look and holiday confetti: this is something to delight your princess for her birthday party for girls!

100% male

My Little Day Do you prefer a pirate atmosphere, with a skull-style tablecloth on which pieces of a precious treasure are toppled in bulk… Or else a decor in "football" mode, a tablecloth like a soccer field and candy picks in the shape of balloons? Anyway, one of the two should be the joy of little boys preparing to celebrate their birthday…

Naturally irresistible

My Little Day Traveling in the woods, between picking felt mushrooms, decorative deer and tree leaf motifs: this is the daring bet of this original birthday tea to satisfy our little nature lovers. Simply chewable!

Chewable peas

My Little Day On the birthday table, the peas seem to arouse our gluttony. Mini, medium or maxi, on a red or white background and vice versa, they sow fantasy!

Golden birthday

My Little Day Fancy a king's birthday tea? Take example on this one! Its precious look is brilliantly highlighted thanks to a white / gold color chart, star patterns and glitter scattered here and there…

Carnival taste

My Little Day What if we celebrated our birthday with a carnival of colors and patterns? This is what these 2 table decorations combine, harlequin black and white prints with multicolored polka dots without complex. The style "mix & match" for a party as we like them: dapper and happy!

Red and golden festivities

My Little Day Dress red and golden code for this birthday snack on a striped background. A "precious" side which is not without displeasing the most dreamers!

Highly whimsical

My Little Day Patterns of apples, knitted objects, small dinosaurs, felt pens and miniature dwarfs twist the table decoration in order to create cheerfulness, creativity and good humor! Does that give you ideas?


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