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10 unexpected places to go for a weekend just a few kilometers from Paris

10 unexpected places to go for a weekend just a few kilometers from Paris

What if you get away for a weekend? Without going to the other end of the world, but only a few kilometers from Paris, you will discover unusual accommodation that will offer you a total change of scenery. It's up to you to choose between a weekend at the castle, in an American caravan, or a tent like no other thanks to our unexpected weekend ideas.

A spa in the trees

Cabanes du Moulin A tree house, yes! A treehouse with spa is even better! Perched in the trees you will enjoy a soothing night in a chic and natural setting. And the highlight of your stay will of course be the jacuzzi on the terrace 7 meters above the ground. Returning with your feet on the ground may well be difficult. More info on

A night on the water

Aurora Take off for the weekend thanks to the Aurora barge which will make you discover what life on the water can be. The barge is located near Fontainebleau and will offer you a picturesque postcard atmosphere. You can also take advantage of the barge for a real cruise depending on availability. More info on

A traditional yurt for bedroom

Nomad lodge The Mongolian steppes seem too far away for a simple weekend? No problem, the traditional habitat of this region comes to you in the Paris region and you can spend a night in a real yurt for a total change of scenery. More info on

An American caravan

Fabienne / Airbnb Live the American dream without leaving Ile-de-France! To do this, just settle in the American Airstream caravan by Fabienne. With its metallic exterior in vintage vessel style and its 1950s interior reminiscent of American dining, you may have a craving for a burger. More info on Airbnb

A tent on the farm

A bed in the meadow Buildings, pollution ... To recharge your batteries for a weekend, nothing better than going to the farm. With "Un lit au Pré", you can sleep in a rustic and charming tent in the heart of a real farm where local products and discovery of animals await you for a true homecoming. Among the proposed farms, the Ferme de Moncel is less than 2 hours from Paris. More info on

An Indian tipi

Tipi Bivouac Much better than the traditional camping tent, the tipi will immerse you in an Indian atmosphere more than exotic just a few kilometers from Paris. Spacious, it is an ideal solution for a weekend with friends or family to play the card of conviviality. More info on

A bubble of relaxation

Air escape 77 Buller a whole weekend? You might as well go to the end of the expression and treat yourself to a night in a real transparent bubble that will offer you a night under the stars enjoying the comfort of a bed inside. A perfect design habitat to enjoy nature and try a real unusual experience. More info on

A bohemian caravan

Family Ecolodge No need to travel the roads to treat yourself to a bohemian weekend, you just have to sit in one of the Family Ecolodge trailers to be close to nature and discover an unusual habitat. More info on

A trapper's cabin

The Kite Rambouillet Wake up the Davy Crockett who is sleeping in you while escaping in a trapper's cabin in the heart of the forest 1 hour from Paris. The wooden cabin will offer you a rustic decoration full of charm and the natural environment will be ideal for a quiet weekend. More info on