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The fluttering wallpaper

The fluttering wallpaper

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A spring lightness blows in the house. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly, and now it takes off on the wallpapers lining the wall. Something to awaken the charm of our favorite season…


The Collection Delicately placed on wildly arty herbs tinged with black, a few lemon yellow butterflies stand out with talent from the wall. A graphic interpretation of romanticism.

Curiosity cabinet

The Collection The butterfly effect cabinet of curiosity version: we're a fan. Except that instead of exposing themselves inside decorative frames, it is on wallpaper that they run across the wall.

Optical illusion

Trove Butterflies in flight. It is the brilliantly successful visual illusion of this wallpaper whose wing beats are barely noticeable ...


Atylia Happy collection of butterflies on the wall. They are small, medium or large; blue, orange or purple. A very tidy diversification that can only sow good humor and cheerfulness! WE love.


Leroy Merlin Fluttering around imposing roses that have bloomed on the walls, pretty butterflies enchant the decor, all on a two-tone background.


Ikea In the middle of peacocks and tropical flowers, a few butterflies make the wall. Poetic and feminine, we love this spring interpretation on a lilac background.


Ferm Living In a flutter of wings, the butterflies reach the children's room. A nice way to plant lightness and softness…


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