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Drawers to store everything in the child's room

Drawers to store everything in the child's room

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The child's bedroom requires careful storage to prevent toys from being scattered throughout the room. The drawers then appear as a practical solution for storing everything in the room! Demonstration in pictures.

A drawer under the bed

Paragraph What if we used the unused surface under the bed to store blankets and other household linen? Thanks to a drawer that slides under the bed, it's now possible! So remember to choose a bed model allowing this space-saving storage.

Drawers that we add

Paragraph If your bed does not have a drawer, know that you can completely add models on casters that you will slide under the bed without problem. Just be sure to take into account the height of your child's bed.

Several drawers for good storage

Alinea You can even bet on two models of drawer that you will place side by side: one for clothes and one for toys. And your child's bed will become a real storage unit!

A bed in a drawer

La Redoute Some beds offer very ingenious tricks to save space in the bedroom. You will find, for example, models that can accommodate an extra bed in the drawer so that your child can invite his friends to sleep.

A raised bed for storage

La Redoute Note also that by choosing a bed a little higher than usual, you can slide more storage space under the bed and multiply the drawers. To this, you can add a dresser to offer you even more storage.

A piece of furniture with modular drawers

Ikea To meet all the storage needs of the child's bedroom, you will find modules with rails that allow you to accommodate drawers of different sizes and compose your furniture according to the storage needs and size of the toys.

A wall of drawers

Fly In addition to the drawers on the bed, you can opt for a storage wall that will allow everything to be stored without difficulty. And for the furniture to be decorative in the room, we opt for multicolored drawers that will brighten up the room.


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