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Le Clos des Tilleuls, the vintage and kids friendly guest house

Le Clos des Tilleuls, the vintage and kids friendly guest house

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Between Senlis and Compiègne in the Oise, this old 19th century building now houses a guest house specially designed for families. "Kids friendly", it is the solution for couples traveling with young children and large families. In a vintage atmosphere, the Clos des Tilleuls welcomes young and old. Visit.

30 lime trees

Le Clos des Tilleuls The origin of the name of the bed and breakfast has its source in the 30 beautiful lime trees that line its path. In good weather, guests can enjoy the wooded park.

Vintage in any room

Le Clos des Tilleuls It is a nice contrast. The building with very classical architecture houses a colorful and pop vintage decoration. In short, a nice contrast with a dining room with mismatched chairs and its pretty polka dot tablecloth.

Focus on vintage

Le Clos des Tilleuls In the kitchen and dining room, everything breathes vintage. The brick walls have been preserved, and the owners have thought of every detail, right down to the vintage apple green radio.

A very well equipped children's room

Le Clos des Tilleuls At Clos des Tilleuls, the children's bedroom is a little paradise. It can accommodate no less than three children in pretty single beds with star bed linen. On the walls, vintage posters of cartoons and on the floor, a very colorful playroom space.

The games of our childhood

Le Clos des Tilleuls In the playroom area, amidst vintage and colorful furniture, there are toys from another generation, such as Barpapapa figurines.

The parental suite dares to color

Le Clos des Tilleuls In the master bedroom of Clos des Tilleuls, we find the codes of vintage decoration with black velvet toad armchairs and multicolored polka dot cushions. But what makes this room so special is the color of the wall panel behind the bed: a beautiful flashy blue, almost turquoise. You had to dare!

Vintage down to the last detail

Le Clos des Tilleuls In the pretty, colorful parental suite, attention to detail is very particular. It is found in particular in the small vintage black alarm clock.

Lemon yellow for the bathroom

Le Clos des Tilleuls It is also possible to dare the color in the bathroom. The proof is with the pretty lemon yellow that covers the walls of that of Clos des Tilleuls.

Sobriety, to finish

Le Clos des Tilleuls The last bedroom of Clos des Tilleuls is adjacent to the "kid's friendly" suite. Here, the colors are more sober but we still find the codes of vintage with the patterned armchair and the sun mirror.