Outdoor: 10 ways to stage potted plants

Outdoor: 10 ways to stage potted plants

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As soon as the warm weather arrives, we have only one desire: to decorate the exterior of potted plants to bring balconies, terraces and gardens back to life. It remains to define the staging, practical or purely decorative, that we wish to attribute to them.

On a diverted object

Cart or old stepladder: it's easy to divert an object that belonged to another time to house our potted plants and thus, create a chic and original plant staging.

On shelves

At the bottom of the garden, shelves make the wall to display their collection of potted plants. Simple and classic, but charming!

Along a path

To delimit a path leading from the gate to the entrance or from the veranda at the bottom of the garden, sowing pots is a nice and chic tip!

Facing mirrors

To duplicate the plant effect, you don't hesitate to get out of the mirrors outside. And that's how to create an urban jungle effect on its landing!

To hide

Protecting yourself from prying eyes is easy with bushy and imposing green plants. So let's take advantage!

To delimit the space

Around a terrace, large potted plants have the merit of forming a plant partition to delimit the space gracefully.

In a row

Wisely aligned in a row, mismatched pots form a beautiful collection on a garden bench.

High perched

You can also elevate potted plants, especially drooping species, to give them more value in the outdoor setting. Suspended from a pole, a high railing or a beam: they can only stand out better.


To give importance to a particular potted plant, often the case of generous species in volume, we dare to stage it solo: by placing it in the middle of the terrace or, more discreet, by installing it in a corner of the balcony. Discover even more garden decoration inspirations: HERE!