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Dress your plants for the summer

Dress your plants for the summer

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With the arrival of sunny days, it's time to give your plants a little beauty. Whether installed outside or placed inside, they deserve to be highlighted in pretty pots and planters. In metal or terracotta, plain or patterned, colorful or sober, there are a multitude of them to satisfy all your decorative desires.

In braided resin

Spoiler Garden furniture is not the only one to use woven resin this season. Plant pots also use it to give our plants a very contemporary look.

Colorful plant pots

Clair de Terre So that the garden is celebrating, we bring it a real dose of good humor with these colorful plant pots. Placed here and there on the terrace, they will punctuate our summer.

Zinc and metal

La Redoute Plants and flowers work wonderfully in large zinc or colored metal pots. In a garden that wants to be authentic and natural, they are the decorative elements to adopt.

Like barrels

Tectona In a large garden, we place without restraint on these large terracotta pots which take on the appearance of small barrels. We plant lavender there, which will blow a Provencal air to the decor.

Elegant plant pots

Serralunga Terracotta also knows how to play the card of elegance, as these chic and refined plant pots prove to us. Alone or accompanied by other models in different sizes and colors, they bring a real touch of coquetry to the garden.

For large plants

Maisons du Monde If you like contemporary style, these large fiberglass planters are the best bet. On a modern terrace or in a Nordic style interior, their white color and their sober design will create a refined look.

Small metal pots

La Redoute Stripes and polka dots seize this bucket and this metal pot in colored versions. Placed on the garden table, on a window sill, or even indoors in the living room, they energize the atmosphere.

Like salad bowls

Clair de Terre We particularly like the charm and the authenticity that emanates from these sky blue and brown plant pots. On the terrace or right next to the house, they have a little effect.

Trio of baskets

La Redoute Since the baskets are taking over the decor, we also dare in a planter version. These braided willow models, enhance your dishes in the blink of an eye.


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