Gift ideas for the nursery

Gift ideas for the nursery

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Not so hard to be a baby! In addition to being at the center of all attention, here are the creators who offer them an anthology of trendy and decorative accessories. No more garish and cheesy colors. On the contrary, make way for pastel shades, vintage patterns and very soft natural materials! And we almost want to offer them for ourselves, they are so beautiful!

Name garland

La Petite Poule Rousse The first name garlands are original creations by La Petite Poule Rousse. A good idea for a birth gift to offer or to offer yourself!

Star garland

La Petite Poule Rousse The decor in the children's room is adorned with pretty garlands composed of fabric stars. To hang, they are to multiply on the wall to form a small cheerful and colorful constellation.

Changing mat

Demeure des Anges Here is an essential for baby's toilet which will coordinate perfectly with the decoration of the room.

Go this time towards the kitchen!

Demeure des Anges When children's decor also invades the kitchen, we want to be at the same time in the trend without losing the practical aspect. Here is what should fix the problem. This chair mattress has a trendy design, while being waterproofed for ultra-easy maintenance.

Park mat

Demeure des Anges Comfortable, up-to-date and well thought out with its knots to always stay in place, this playpen would stay in the bedroom for a while even after baby doesn't need it anymore.

Clouds stickers

Mimi 'Lou A rain of stickers falls on the decor of the room. A gift idea for toddlers who will always find a place in the room.


Demeure des Anges It is imperative to dress the cot with a bumper. Here no garish colors but on the contrary a nice shades of light colors so that your little one 'cabbage falls asleep gently.


Mimi 'Lou Cushions are a good decorative alternative for daring without risking. With geometric, liberty or vintage patterns, they are the little decorative touch that displays style.


KetiKeta Graceful and airy, this mobile made of paper hangs easily. Very light and space-saving, it is perfect for small spaces.


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