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Creating a plant bar: ideas for inspiration

Creating a plant bar: ideas for inspiration

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Candy, juice, cheese, cookie, fruit bar ... This festive concept, both chic and relaxed, has been all the rage for a few years. In keeping with this trend, the novelty is the plant bar! Indoor or outdoor, you too can create your 'little green space' to recharge your batteries.

Cacti and succulents: perfect to start

Bobart / Charly BROYEZ Are you creating your first plant bar? Start by concentrating on a square meter a wide choice of mini-cacti and mini-succulents: not only do these plants require little maintenance, but in addition they can create this 'plant bar' effect even in a small space.

Bet on containers for your plant bar

Bobart / Charly BROYEZ Indispensable in the success of a plant bar: pretty containers, possibly with a message like here. The advice of Anaïs and Lucie de Bobart: "For the original and decorative touch, the candle jars and coffee cups can be used as a flowerpot. We can thus divert everyday objects to welcome green plants. To bring nature into your home with even more fantasy, do not hesitate to recycle vintage cups, teapots, boxes ... "

For your plant bar, recycle, invent Same idea with the current concept "Vitamin Plant", which offers a range of potted plants for men: "Living with one or more green plants no longer has the same meaning and plants are not just one affair of women ", says one at who launched the idea. The plant bar is therefore also completely adaptable with a masculine and trendy style! //

A plant bar: possible even in XXS version!

Cultura No disappointment if you really do not have a place, or a green thumb for that matter: the cacti simply highlighted in a custom suitcase are beautiful without taking up space or time.

Where to create your 'indoor mini-garden'?

Truffaut On a table, a buffet, shelves ... The plant bar can be installed anywhere and everywhere, it's up to you to choose the best place depending on the space you can devote to it, but also its brightness. with the needs of the plants. Our favorite: globes, terracotta pots, and a few more decorations allow you to create a real little scenography that will highlight the plants.

A small urban jungle…

Bobart / Charly BROYEZ To get as close as possible to an 'urban jungle' effect, choose plants a little more voluminous than cacti and succulents, always asking about their size at "adulthood", to have a idea of ​​the space you will need to devote to them over the years. A combination of asplenium, asparagus, chamaedora, chlorophytum, dracaena, nolina and other ficus will for example have the most beautiful effect.

Collect your favorite plants

TRIMM COPENHAGEN Do you like vines, ferns or fig trees? Create your mini garden of Eden (more or less) by having fun making cuttings, pampering them to see them grow well, these favorite plants ... Your plant bar will be unique and like you. And again, be creative with the containers. Wicker and fabric baskets are also a great option!

Perfect you ...

Ikea… and start expanding the concept by creating variations in your 'exposure' of plants: vertically, horizontally. Delimit several zones in the same perimeter and create different plant tables.

Mix leaves, styles and decorations!

My Dear Art Shop We like this idea: associate real plants with photos, paintings or reproductions of plants, in pretty frames… The arty plant bar in short. Because yes, the plant bar is a natural work of art!

An indoor and outdoor plant bar

Urbanara On a terrace, a balcony, in a corner of the garden, it is also possible to create this 'bar' effect, by aligning the potted plants. On trays, stepladders, in baskets or pottery, and even presented in macrame suspensions, plants and flowers of all kinds create a superb set. //

Potted plants among the earth plants

Paul Hervey-Brookes The garden is obviously a beautiful setting for a plant bar: in the middle of shrubs and other plants in the ground, a window of a few specimens in pots completes the picture. Even the famous English landscaper Paul Hervey-Brookes uses this technique in some of his gardens! //

So pretty monochrome for my plant bar

MiaFleur A simple ivy or a few 'bouquets' of Aloe Vera will reveal all their delicacy and aestheticism in a well thought out plant bar, even basic. //

Plant bar or swing?

LadivineJardine Do-it-yourselfers can imagine different ways of highlighting their plant bar: this idea is simple but very powerful for creating hanging shelves and highlighting some plants in terracotta pots… the result gives an impression of density with barely 10 pots: ingenious!

A vertical garden for my vegetable bar! The plant bar can also be made with aromatic plants, as in this vertical outdoor garden ... And why not a "vegetable bar"?


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