10 accessories for a successful barbecue

10 accessories for a successful barbecue

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The sun is finally coming and we will be able to take advantage of the beautiful days to have lunch outside. The barbecue will be the star of the summer with its share of convivial moments and shared pleasures. But have you thought of everything to make the party a success? Because it is not enough to grill the rib of beef, it is necessary to be well equipped. has selected for you the 10 accessories not to forget to organize yourself like a pro and say goodbye to the little inconveniences of outdoor cooking.

A sparkling serving

Fermob When you cook outside, you don't always know where to store your ingredients. So quickly, we opt for a pretty trolley on wheels, both practical and aesthetic. We really like the Luxembourg model, proposed by Fermob, which brings a public garden look with its orange metal, full of vitality. * Luxembourg service, several colors: € 499 *

A removable shelf to save space

Castorama This is a great idea for small spaces. A removable shelf that you attach to your barbecue. Both a mini cutting board and a mini serving table, it is an essential utensil for those who want to save space while being well equipped. * Castorama removable shelf: 14.99 € *

Storage for small wood

Extremis For a successful barbecue, we plan to have small wood. To store it with the winter logs that will be used for the fireplace, what could be better than a pyre with integrated devil. Practical and aesthetic, we really like the one offered by Extremis. * WoodStock, Extremis log holder: € 780 *

Barbecue stoves

Idé To prepare a more elaborate barbecue, we equip ourselves with small stainless steel pans. We love the idea of ​​being able to dare the culinary creativity around the flames and to get away from the traditional kebabs / chips. To not spoil anything, we love their retro look! * Set of two pans: 14.90 € *

Suitable cooking utensils

La Foirefouille Barbecue is an art that requires a certain mastery… and certain tools. In this area, tongs, a spatula, a paintbrush and a "barbecue special" fork are essential. To complete, we also opt for a grid brush which will allow you to easily clean your equipment. * Set of 10 utensils, La Foirefouille: 9.99 € *

A cutting board with style

Stonemen The cutting board is obviously the essential accessory to properly prepare a barbecue. We take this opportunity to choose it elegant, refined and in full trend. We love the Stonemen board, made of inlaid wood and marble, with a design inspired by Scandinavian design. * Stonemen cutting board: € 75 *

A practical support for skewers

Castorama For skewers cooked to perfection without burning yourself, the skewer support is essential. Your meat will be evenly seared and will only get better. Several models exist, some of which are even electric.

A utensil to prepare your fire in 15 minutes

Weber / Darty To quickly light your barbecue, remember to equip yourself with an ignition chimney. It creates a column of heat which accelerates combustion. Then you just have to pour the charcoal into your barbecue. Save precious time! Weber, Darty ignition chimney: 34.99 €

Gloves and an apron to protect yourself

Barbecook / yoursurpu Finally, we think to protect your hands and forearms with a pair of insulating gloves and thus avoid any unfortunate accident. The best ? Equip yourself with a matching glove and apron set, just to be chic and relaxed this summer!


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