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Habitat: new autumn-winter 2016/2017 novelties

Habitat: new autumn-winter 2016/2017 novelties

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Habitat launches its fall-winter 2016/2017 collection inspired by the four elements. For this new season, the French brand has appropriated water, air, fire and earth to embody them in surprising ways in furniture and home accessories. If originality remains the watchword for each of its ranges, Habitat nevertheless forgets authenticity by calling on the know-how of artisans from around the world as every season. For the 2016/2017 season, the brand played the surprise card by calling on renowned designers, but also on young talents passionate about creation. Their creations, associated with new products and best sellers from the French house, form a new collection full of pep and surprises!

Earth, source of inspiration

Béatrice Minard Habitat has put red in the spotlight for its Terre range! Available in all its forms, it can be integrated into furniture (here the Lofa sofa), accessories and lighting. The different shades of red - cherry, tomato, coral ... - make up an extraordinary universe where luxury and refinement interact with noble materials.

Chic graphic

Béatrice Minard The editor fell in love with the pop and vintage patterns of these pretty ISTO jars. Perfect for storing spices or various foodstuffs, they come in three sizes (10, 11 or 16 cm high). Their punchy colors will certainly light up our kitchen this winter! * ISTO earthenware jar: from € 7.90 *

Ethical accessories

Béatrice Minard Habitat has partnered with a Tunisian manufacturer supported by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) for its collection of olive wood utensils called Georges. Composed of cutting boards, bowls and aperitif trays, this attractive range with natural accents is made by craftsmen from Sidi-Bouzid as part of a corporate citizen approach.

Exceptional lighting

Béatrice Minard Light has always been a strong point at Habitat, which brings together design and extraordinary materials every year. We fell in love with the Ilios pendant lights, available in gold or in a natural version (from € 150.90).

The air… pure and serene

Béatrice Minard Spotlight on the air-inspired range, combining bright white and neutral tones for a soft and reassuring atmosphere. Habitat has imagined this pretty rug complemented by the dotted cushions called Idylle: ample patterns and natural colors, all in roundness, which offer the eye an open, peaceful horizon. * Idyllic carpet: € 389 Embroidered linen cushion: € 39 *

Water, calm and transparent

Béatrice Minard Soft green, crystalline or navy blue, water carries life wherever it flows. This winter, the Habitat collection mixes shades to gently glazing the house.

Icon: Travel, travel ...

Béatrice Minard The motif of the Icône collection pays tribute to the Aboriginal peoples, who have used white drawings for thousands of years on colored backgrounds. The tones evoke the nourishing earth, the curves represent the sand dunes, the concentric circles symbolize the stages of a journey.

Designers in the spotlight

Béatrice Minard Since its creation, Habitat has maintained close ties with design and those who embody it. From Pierre Favresse to Tina Frey via Eugeni Quitllet, the big names in decoration have come together this year to exclusively imagine beautiful and practical accessories, always adapted to everyday life. Zoom on the Funcky lamps by designer Thibault Pougeoise, which were designed to accompany us to the office while humanizing our workspace. Four small silicone hats are at our disposal, to change, orient or accessorize according to the mood or mood! * Funcky Light pack: 79 € *

Gold forever

Béatrice Minard Fire is symbolized by gold and yellow, intense and powerful. They bring in each room the radiance and warmth that we so much lack during the winter! We fell in love with this masterful pendant lamp by Inma Bermùdez, which reminds us of chandeliers from the 1950s. * Chandelier chandelier: € 359 *


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