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The bathroom takes on colors

The bathroom takes on colors

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The colors take over the bathroom to bring it a touch of cheerfulness! Bright or pastel colors then find their place both on the furniture and on the wall coverings of the room. To inspire you, we invite you to discover 30 bathrooms that breathe spring.

Red and white, the tonic mix!

Ikea This pretty bathroom tried the play of colors by playing on the contrast between the white furniture and the red wall covering. An aesthetic bias that should however be adopted in moderation, at the risk of creating an overly aggressive space.

The combination of white and blue

Porcelanosa When the cement tiles are dressed in blue and white, the bathroom takes in a breath of fresh air that suits it perfectly.

Pink and gray: a feminine color code

Hidrobox To recreate this small boudoir atmosphere in the bathroom, favor neutral and powdery colors. Note that the combination of pink and gray work wonderfully!

Sun colors

Ikea Yellow, red and orange combine to create a pop and vitamin bathroom where life is good.

Variation of yellow and gray

Agrob buchtal Stone walls and yellow floor, unstructured mosaics ... this bathroom asserts its character, which is not to displease us. A graphic and aesthetic coating that brings dynamism to the room.

Powdered colors for Scandinavian decoration

Delpha Powder pink, chick yellow, water green or light blue for a bathroom anything but monochrome, we dare pastel colors.

Gray and gold for a vibrant bathroom

Burgbad For a cozy and contemporary atmosphere, marble, gold and gray are combined without complex. A matt gray graphic wall covering here, a white marble bath veined with gray there, a lacquered basin, some golden decorative accessories ... and here is a bathroom that evokes calm and refinement. Right on trend!

Black and white, the perfect match!

Perene To structure and give a new dimension to your bathroom, black and white will be your best allies. Chic and timeless, these "non-colors" are really good. It would be a shame to deprive yourself!

Red and anthracite gray for a captivating bathroom

Castorama Two red lacquered bathroom furniture, accompanied by decorative touches of the same color, it suffices to give character to this space with a total anthracite gray look.

Yellow on the bathroom walls

Castorama To energize and color the walls of the bathroom, we can count on the yellow color which will not fail to evoke the sun which settles down durably for spring. This color will be ideal for waking up a white bathroom.

Duo of bright colors

Decotec To give a glamorous and colorful look to the bathroom, think of a duo of strong colors like red and purple. You can apply one color to the walls and the other to the furniture. Then, the accessories will resume the two colors.

Contemporary colors

Leroy Merlin And if you prefer, play with the duo of red and purple colors only on the furniture to create a colorful, graphic and contemporary decor. For this, we place a purple piece of furniture next to each red piece of furniture.

Pastel pink

Sanijura Pastel colors are very trendy this season throughout the house. Thus, the bathroom is not spared with furniture that is adorned with a pretty powder pink that feminizes the room while brightening it up.

Total pastel look

Lasselsberger And if you want to play the game of pastel in total look, bet on different wall tiles that will bring blue, yellow and pink in pastel version in your bathroom.


Leroy Merlin Seaside ambiance guaranteed with a duo of white and blue colors that are applied to the walls using tiling and paint. You can thus integrate some blue tiles in the white tiles to bring in the color.

Total blue look

Mobalpa Know that blue also works in total look to decorate the pond! We then opt for blue on the walls but also on the furniture. Only the ground will bring a breath with white.

Color patchwork

Leroy Merlin Why not opt ​​for a patchwork of colored tiles that will brighten up the bathroom in an original way? Here, blue, green, taupe and gray coexist without complex for a tonic decor!

Variation of greens

Sanijura For a dynamic bathroom, we go green! Rather than opting for a single shade, we prefer a variation of greens which will be more original. We think for example of a pale green which will marry with a more sustained green.

Primary colors

Porcelanosa To frankly color the bathroom, you can also count on strong colors such as red, yellow and blue. The good news is that you can even combine these colors for more originality.

Hints of turquoise

Ikéa As a shower curtain, as a bath towel or even as a carpet, turquoise is a color that will delight the bathroom. We love it even more with flowery patterns that undoubtedly brighten up the decor of the room.

An orange wall

Ikea Don't be afraid to wake up the bathroom with bright colors. As this small bathroom proves to us, the orange on the walls reigns in a good mood!

Eggplant furniture

Alinéa The walls of your bathroom are gray, and you would like to give it a little color? Bet without further delay on this eggplant washbasin cabinet which has the gift of bringing a touch of chic to the whole.

Vitamin cupboards

Pyram To make your bathroom look like no other, dare bright cupboard doors. Red, orange, yellow, green… this is an atmosphere full of pep!

Total water green look

Ikéa Green water has been a must have in interior design for some time, and in the bathroom, it is the all-soothing color. We therefore adorn the walls, and we choose bath linen in the same color.

Electric blue

Sanijura Do you like the Scandinavian style, but you are afraid, in the long run, of getting tired of natural colors? Take the decision to add a few touches of electric blue to the wall and accessories, and your problem is solved.

A flashy washbasin cabinet

Stocco If orange works wonderfully on the walls of the bathroom, know that you can also dare it in a more watered-down version. In vanity units, it imposes itself with subtlety.

Mix of sky blue and purple

Sanijura Another idea to bring color to your bathroom: dare to mix colors. A sky blue wall, purple vanity and storage units, and here is a colorful bathroom.

A red wall

Leroy Merlin Is your gray furniture struggling to find a place in your bathroom? What if you stuck them on a bright red wall? They instantly become the masters of the play.

A blue shower screen

Mobalpa Finally, if the colored walls and vanity units don't mean anything to you, you can play on originality by betting on a blue glass shower screen.