Raw materials for your credenza

Raw materials for your credenza

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The credenza is an undeniable charm asset to the kitchen. Today, it has become a real decorative accessory that comes in many textures and colors. To have an authentic piece, bet on a splashback made with raw materials. Wood, slate, concrete, brick… there is something for everyone! Here is our selection.

A ceramic credenza

Siematic One would think that this credenza is made of marble, and yet it was designed in ceramic. It cleverly incorporates a closet closed by sliding walls to store your condiments, your dishes or your small household appliances.

Concrete splashback

Brico Bistro Concrete is THE trendy material of the moment. They are found in every room of the house, even in the kitchen. This credenza, spotted on the Brico Bistro blog, is made of waxed concrete. Its gray tint is soothing to the eye and will go very well with other colors.

A splashback

Edouard Sicsic This model was designed by a specialist, who had fun creating a pretty pattern in glass. This avoids having to constantly clean the surface while having the charm of a raw material.

A mosaic credenza

Leroy Merlin It is one of the most used materials in cooking, but generally it is found on the ground. Today, tiles and mosaics invade the walls and the kitchen splashback. The advantage? Cleaning is easy and you will no longer be afraid of staining your walls with splashes!

A wooden credenza

Fine Interiors In this large kitchen, the dark worktop is enhanced by the wooden splashback which extends in height but also on the fronts of the storage units. This gives a Nordic style to the room.

A glass credenza

Darty In order to bring more light to a long kitchen, opt for a splashback in tinted glass that will add a little color to the room. However, be careful to clean it regularly to avoid unsightly fingerprints, especially if the worktop is made of the same material.

A brick credenza

Girls' tips Brick brings a rustic and warm style to this room, which is contrasted by stainless steel appliances and contemporary kitchen elements. This raw material, placed on the wall, gives a Brooklyn side to the space.

A tiled splashback

Helen Pe In this kitchen photographed by blogger Helen Pe, the splashback is bi-material. It has a first part in marble before extending with tiling in the form of white bricks. The mixture of textures creates a very interesting depth.

A marble credenza

Como Doos Spotted on the Como Doos blog, this kitchen has a worktop, a sink and a marble credenza that create visual continuity. The room is all the more elegant and the work surface, of unprecedented robustness, is not likely to be damaged over time.


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