Simple and original summer bouquets

Simple and original summer bouquets

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Nothing like a pretty bouquet to bring nature into the house! Rustic or sophisticated, based on flowers found everywhere on the markets, you just need to add your personal touch to bring it originality. Get out of the classic alliances and give free rein to your creativity, your compositions will be all the more personal and will gain in value if you offer them. Fruits, diverted plants or explosive mixtures, take advantage of the beautiful season to bring pep to your bouquets!

A fruity note

Fleur Louis Depending on the production of your garden, you can enrich your composition with a few branches of mulberry or raspberry. The fruits bring an original and delicious note to a simple bouquet of Tokyo flowers, white or in a contrasting color.

With medicinal flowers

Fleur Louis Chamomile blends happily with beargrass foliage. By cutting the stems at different heights, you create two levels for a sculptural bouquet that will do wonders in a clean interior.

A cleansing bouquet

Fleur Louis Eucalyptus foliage is in fashion at the moment! But did you know that in addition to its pretty silver reflections, it is also a powerful sanitizer? Do not hesitate to abuse it and to marry it with generous peonies in a bouquet of very scenographic scope.

With wild flowers

Fleur Louis Do not hesitate to combine cultivated flowers with wild flowers gleaned from your garden or at the edge of the meadows. Here, the green of the santinis highlights the simple elegance of a few branches of fleabane in a rural composition.

The vegetable patch

If you are lucky enough to have a vegetable garden, dig in without hesitation! Let, for example, a few garlic stems bloom which give very pretty flowers, and integrate these into your bouquets. Here with a simple tuft of beargrass foliage, you get a slender bouquet with the most beautiful effect.

A touch of exoticism

Fleur Louis A few branches of the roebelenii palm tree are enough to transform a simple white armful of Tokyo flowers into an indisputable bouquet. Both slender and bushy, this foliage can flesh out the compositions provided or, as here, bring exotic elegance to your summer tables.

A bucolic bouquet

Fleur Louis You can also improvise a bouquet recycling your plant waste. Radish or turnip tops make up pretty green bottoms that showcase flowers with ease. Here, the carrot tops welcome a handful of erigons.

A summer scent

Fleur Louis Lavender evokes for you somewhat old-fashioned bouquets and the smell of grandma's cupboards? However, it is enough to use it in its entire length and to enhance it with a simple dark foliage so that all the beauty of its fragrant purple heads is expressed in a modern way.

Play on contrasts

Fleur Louis In summer the choice of flowers is vast and one can dare daring marriages. Play on the size contrasts between large flowers and fine branches, as here with peonies and starry gypsophila which create with an elegant stem an inexpensive bouquet.

A scenic foliage

Cloporte Some stems of a majestic philodendron monstera create a large-scale volume and transform any bouquet into a sculpture. Perfect for creating original asymmetrical compositions, the monstera goes well with everything and gives a tropical air to the most classic bouquets! Thank you to Coffeeshop le Tigre for its welcome!