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A custom office by BUT

A custom office by BUT

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For the new school year, BUT is reinventing the office to complete its collection of furniture and modular storage for this room where working must be a pleasure. We mix materials and use color to make the office a decorative piece in our image. Artist workshop, bohemian spirit, safari atmosphere or Scandinavian wind, all styles are possible thanks to a well thought out collection. Discovery in pictures of the offices to be created to measure with BUT.

A sober but bohemian office

GOAL Bohemian chic spirit for this desk which mixes wood with graphic, ethnic or geometric patterns. Here, we play the card of gray, black and beige, to create a space conducive to work. It's the little details that then transform the place into a space that is as creative as it is studious. An ottoman with zig-zag patterns, a designer Scandinavian chair, a very drawn geometric shelf, curtains from elsewhere and a warm antique carpet: the decor is both natural and elegant. * Alex desk: 189.99 € Lina chair: 99.99 € Graphic pouf: 29.99 € Graphic bookcase: 99.99 € Fouta Maouri (100x190cm): 12.99 € *

Scandinavian in Haussmannian

PURPOSE In an old apartment, we create an office in shades of wood and white embellished with a few touches of skillfully staged colors. Here we like the Scandinavian-inspired desk very drawn which goes perfectly with the herringbone parquet and the moldings. Pink and copper can be used as graphic accessories, in the form of a carpet, clock or wired metal basket, to add rhythm. A great idea for a creative and chic office. * Story desk: 99.99 € Oslo chair: 89.99 € Copper clock: 19.99 € Oslo high cabinet: 149.99 € *

A corner desk to structure the space

PURPOSE A corner desk is an excellent solution to benefit from a large workspace while structuring the room with finesse. Here, we like the water colors associated with a functional desk on one side, equipped with drawers and boxes and the light metal structure on the other. This arrangement makes it possible to create a small corridor, appreciable when the room combines several functions. * Alkor desk: 169.99 € Oslo chair: 89.99 € Aqua column: 329.99 € *

A small decorative office in the hallway

GOAL In small spaces, we prefer to think of the desk in height. Equipped with shelves, it sports a slightly retro secretary look that we love. We choose it in wood colors for an assertive nature spirit. To delimit the space, we cover the wall section with wallpaper with floral patterns or a distinct fifities color. On the accessory side, we opt for a woven basket as a basket, more chic and very natural. * Shelvi desk: 119.99 € Nordik woven basket: 25.99 € or 26.99 € depending on model. *

A sleek Scandinavian office

GOAL In a typically Scandinavian spirit, we dare the sleek office and put everything on a colorful wall, mint green, pastel pink or mustard yellow. A very simple desk with tapered legs and a structured shelf will be the central elements and will set the mood. As for accessories, we play minimalism: a pretty graphic frame and a pearl gray pouffe are enough to dress the room. * Jenny desk: 198.99 € Totem bookcase: 98.99 € Glitter beanbag: 36.99 € *

Retro Seventies

GOAL This year, the seventies look returns to the front of the stage. But offers an office that mixes wood with pop orange, dynamic and sparkling, which displays an assumed bohemian chic style. We then accessorize the office as the living room: cushions, baskets, rattan furniture and carpets are welcome in this room that invites you to escape. * Woodstock desk: € 199 Goa rattan armchair: € 59.99 Play stool: € 59.99 Matha file cabinet: € 124.99 *

Atelier spirit

GOAL For lovers of the industrial look, we will opt for an office space at the border of the creative workshop and the traditional office. The furniture plays on metal and is adorned with drawers like workshop furniture. We like to mix this style with some accessories with softer materials, like rugs and baskets, to bring a little warmth. * Park Avenue desk: 219.99 € Park Avenue storage: 329.99 € Melody floor lamp: 199.99 € Triangular rugs: 99.99 € Studio chair: 49.99 € *

Study trip

GOAL This year, But also celebrates the vagabond spirit that lies dormant in us. From the office, we set off to explore distant lands by betting on a sophisticated adventurer decor. An arty world map takes place on the wall when the trunks and chests replace the traditional shelves and accommodate cushions with a safari tendency. Of course, we do not forget to disseminate in the office our memories of travel for a successful mix and match! * Glass elephant tray: 50 € ZIP base: 59.99 € Cushion: 9.99 € *

A loft atmosphere for the office

PURPOSE The Jenny office, in Scandinavian style, is transformed into a loft atmosphere. Stone wall, frames placed on the floor and articulated metal lamp are all elements that give the office its character. We like the Scandinavian chair, painted black, which also fits perfectly into the decor. * Jenny desk: € 198.99 Tiger canvas: € 129.99 Arch lamp: € 19.99 *