How to easily transport a prepared dish when you are invited?

How to easily transport a prepared dish when you are invited?

When we are invited to dinner, we usually bring something to eat. This can range from a few aperitif cakes to real dishes that you have cooked up all afternoon. To prevent the sauce from spilling, your dessert being crushed or your homemade pizza being good to throw, there are unstoppable containers and tips. Here is our selection of ingenious objects to be able to easily transport your preparations to friends.

Use an appetizer tray

Cook and Joy There are many dishes dedicated to the aperitif in the trade. They have several compartments to put raw vegetables or olives, and generally a central bowl for the sauce. Choose one with a lid and close it well before transporting it in a pie bag or cooler.

Hijack your lunch box

Crazy Gifts This is an accessory that would be hard to do without at the office, but which can also be used to bring food to your neighbors. Have you been responsible for making a dish or side dish? Do not panic, keep everything warm in closed lunch boxes that you will open in the kitchen.

Put sauce in jars

Blog Mademoisailes A Recycle your jars, preserves or jars of jam so that you can bring liquid (sauce for a dish or pasta, cream for dessert, etc.) to the friends where you are invited. You can then take public transport or your car without worrying about it spilling. Source: Mademoisailes A

Make your pizza box

Self Packaging Do you like homemade pizzas? Let your hosts enjoy it by bringing them pizza with this cardboard packaging to personalize. You just have to fold the cardboard sheet as indicated on the instructions and place the fruit of your recipe on it.

Keep your cake intact

Tupperware Not easy not to break a cake, especially if it is quite soft or covered with a frosting. To avoid breakage, use a tupperware that will match the shape of your dessert. If you have made cupcakes, madeleines or cannelés, consider transporting them directly in their molds (in silicone.

Use closed containers

Smeg Your kitchen cupboards are certainly full of airtight boxes and all kinds of tupperware. Do not use them only for your lunches at work but remember to put dishes, desserts or fruit that you want to bring to the people who receive you for dinner.

Make a cookie box

Cook with love A small present to its guests is always welcome, especially if it is eaten! You can easily create a box of cakes (or cookies) from an old paper towel roll or by buying a cylinder to customize in a hobby store. All you have to do is put your homemade cookies. Source: Cook with love

A DIY for children

Blog Superblog If you are going to dine with a couple who has children and you are in charge of the dessert for example, you can quite concoct a separate recipe for them or keep smaller portions than you will bring in mini containers. effigy of their favorite superheroes. Guaranteed effect! Source: Superblog

An ingenious container

Vesuvio Another way to bring pizzas to your friends, this type of ingenious boxes with a handle and compartments to take a knife or a pizza cutter. You will no longer have excuses for not making your pizzas yourself instead of ordering them!