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Decorative coaching: a stay, two amenities

Decorative coaching: a stay, two amenities

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A young couple, the parent of two young children, has just bought a house in Le Cannet in the Alpes-Maritimes. The family calls on the My Interior Custom agency to organize and harmonize the entire ground floor - fully open space - including the entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen and a small office area. . For a maximum budget of 5000 euros, she would like to buy all the furniture on the ground floor but also change the floor covering. In terms of decoration, the couple opted for a Zen atmosphere with wooden furniture, light and warm tones. Part of the existing furniture belonging to the former owner, he wishes to stage new furniture in his image, harmoniously harmonizing between the multiple spaces offered by the ground floor.

Inventory: the kitchen before work

Agence MISM Three openings to the outside (two glass doors associated with a large picture window) bathe the living room with light throughout the day, which makes it possible to unify the entire ground floor. The decorators choose to paint the wall opposite the kitchen in a "sugar cane" green tone, thus providing visual continuity between the living room and the dining room. This same green will be used to paint the kitchen wall above the splashback.

Plan of the new layout: proposal for the stay

Agence MISM The old tiling is replaced by a laminate imitation parquet floor over the entire area of ​​the ground floor to give the room a warm and Zen feel. This coating will serve as a link between the different uses of this large living room.

Trendy board for a living room with green tones

Agence MISM The living room furniture remains in neutral tones, with a charcoal gray convertible sofa fitted with cushions with ethnic motifs for the decorative touch. The latter faces the bay window for constant visibility to the outside, and combines perfectly with the two Copacabana armchairs in black which separate the entrance hall from the living room. Design and in tune with the times, they occupy the space in an original and decorative way while bringing a contemporary touch to the room. A wooden pull-out coffee table is articulated in the central furniture of the living room, completed by a very airy end of the sofa which can accommodate a plant or a pretty lamp. Finally two wooden chests take place next to the sofa and allow the storage of toys for children.

Trendy board for a Zen style dining room

Agence MISM True focal point of the stay, this is where the family will meet under the sign of conviviality. This sober and warm space is enhanced by the duck blue DSW style chairs, which give it a dynamic and resolutely design touch.

Sketch for a dining room in green tones

Agence MISM The dining room does not only consist of the dining area since it also offers a small office area. We opted for the "Taktik" shelf, which adapts very well in space thanks to its minimalist aesthetic: its different modules are perfect for storing papers and different work accessories.

Sketch for a Zen style kitchen and entry

Agence MISM The laminate floor serves as a link between the different uses of this large living room.

2nd trend board for a stay of refined style

MISM agency Following the couple's various returns after studying the book, the MISM agency modified the furniture accordingly. The choice of decorators turned to more rounded, Scandinavian-style furniture to limit angles and thus create a more secure environment for children. The new coffee table in the living room is made up of a double tray to place as many elements as possible, and the dining room table in walnut now offers very generous dimensions (1.80 m, with the possibility of adding an extension of 50 cm to accommodate family and friends).

Trendy board for a dining room in green and blue tones

Agence MISM The vintage design of the dining table goes very well with the Eames chairs chosen beforehand. The solution envisaged to replace the large AM.PM shelf which served as an office, was to place a large sideboard to store dishes and everyday items. The latter is made up of four large compartments with doors and drawers to limit access for children. Next to this sideboard is a small desk which harmonizes with the rest of the furniture. This very airy office is composed of two drawers and a central niche for the storage of papers. A floating shelf composed of 3 compartments takes place just above, thus providing additional storage while remaining inaccessible for children.

Sketch for a blue-gray living room after modifications

Agence MISM The green color being too present for the taste of the owners in the first proposal, the decorators have opted this time for a more neutral and lighter color. The beige grain tone will give the ground floor a warm and natural atmosphere. However, the green stripe placed above the kitchen splashback must also be painted the same color to harmonize the space. The dining room takes place evidently in the length of the bay window and in the continuity of the kitchen. Only the kitchen bar delimits these two spaces. The large rosewood dining table features minimalist lines for a zen and modern effect; it will host breakfasts, lunches and dinners for small or large groups, with family or friends! In terms of decoration, accessories such as curtains, kitchen pendant lights and a few additional cushions will bring the invigorating color that has been lacking until now in a shade of blue.