The switches that give character to your decor

The switches that give character to your decor

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The switches are not only used to turn the light on or off. They give an undeniable charm to a room. Contemporary, retro, tactile, customized, colorful or sober ... These small objects have very different styles which bring an additional decorative touch. Here is our selection to no longer take lightly the choice of your switches!

Leather covered switch

Legrand In a warm living room or a fairly luxurious home, what could be better than an elegant switch? This brown leather covering dresses this Legrand model so that it can be combined with your sofa or your furniture.

A timeless model for the whole house

Modelec We love this very decorative brass model (Karo reference) which can be installed in any room of the house. In a polished concrete kitchen, in a contemporary living room or even in a bedroom, it is as discreet as retro.

A colorful and original switch

Maison Waves What if you put color in your interior? This original switch cover with bird motifs allows you to customize a child's room and or to add pep to a slightly dark space. Price: around 9 euros. Available on Etsy.

Don't forget the exterior lighting

Hager The switches are certainly inside but they are also very useful outside! To vary the lighting of your terrace, pool or garden, this plastic model is very resistant and will blend in with the decor.

One switch, multiple light sources

Fontini Flash-back in the 50s! This Fontini model has four switches to be able to vary the lighting of four different lights, which proves to be very practical in a large room.

A little sobriety

Schneider This switch (Unica collection signed Schneider Electric) is both design and discreet. It is suitable for all rooms in the house since its white color and shape combine with all styles.

Dare the sticker for switch

Oscom If you do not want to change your switches but still give them a facelift, you can opt for a funny sticker that will perfectly fit the shape of your model. There is something for everyone and for young and old! Price: 2.40 euros

A chic switch

Fontini by Font Barcelona When Fontini and Font Barcelona create a collection of switches together, this gives a deliciously retro and very elegant range. This will go very well with copper tones, white furniture and raw materials.

A tactile model

Legrand This switch allows you to vary the intensity of the light simply by touching it. Sober and compact, it slides into the corners and recesses of walls without worry. All you have to do is choose a more or less subdued brightness.


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