Pastel and transparency at LSA this summer

Pastel and transparency at LSA this summer

The brand LSA International has unveiled its new range of refined and colorful products, which bring a chic decoration to your interior, and this at a low price. On the program, clean lines, color gradations, dishes, decorative glass objects. Here are the editor's favorites among these collections ideal for revamping your home at the start of the school year.

Stackable vases

LSA International Combining decoration and ingenuity, it's possible! The proof: the collection of Stack blown glass vases can be stacked to accommodate flowers with long stems and adapt to your needs. It's up to you to choose the pastel shade you prefer. Price: from 78 to 90 euros the trio of vases

Colorful storage in the kitchen

LSA International In the kitchen, LSA International has imagined a whole range of opaque or transparent glass. There are a multitude of colorful objects and utensils with a wooden cover and leather handles. Cheese board, pots, storage boxes, vases ... You can use them as you see fit.

Opt for very decorative bowls

LSA International Forget the kitsch breakfast bowls and your grandmother's ramekins for an aperitif! Host bowls are both solid and resolutely design with their curved lines and flat edges. The little extra? They are blown glass, by mouth please.

Transparency for more color

LSA International On the table, colorful food immediately makes you want more! And in summer, you might as well show off your seasonal fruits and vegetables using completely transparent containers, bells and other cups (reference Serve). Your guests will be delighted!

Have unique soliflores

LSA International To put a rose or bouquets of wild flowers picked by your children, these soliflores will bring a touch of color to the house. You can install several next to each other or choose only one, to put on a side table for example.

Champagne glasses worthy of a wedding!

LSA International Are you used to organizing wild parties? Your guests will be amazed by this pyramid of retro champagne glasses, to combine with an ice bucket. It gives a little side * Gatsby the Magnificent *, don't you think?

Original vases

LSA International These pastel colored glass models (Olivia reference) have the distinction of having a base to be more stable and an XXL shape to be a real decorative object in its own right. They come in three different sizes, to be chosen according to the area of ​​your room.

For cocktail lovers

LSA International If a week does not go by without you receiving friends for a dinner aperitif or a well-drunk evening (but always in moderation of course), then these alcohol glasses are made for you! They are perfect for creating liquor-based cocktails or shooters.

Choose rectangular vases

LSA International These Modular vases are not like the other models signed LSA. They have a modern and elegant rectangular shape. The transparent glass allows you to better see the flowers inside. Be careful however to clean it well to avoid unsightly fingerprints.