A light taupe kitchen, soft and design at the same time

A light taupe kitchen, soft and design at the same time

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Mix wood and mole


To bring a touch of pep's to a light taupe kitchen, do not bother to try to put bright colors everywhere at all costs: you can simply choose to illuminate the mole with lighter wood, here at the level of the splashback and the island which also serves as a work plan and dining table.

The lacquered finish of the kitchen furniture contrasts perfectly with the raw material for a modernized rustic style.

A designer color: when the light taupe turns gray


The mole is a color at the crossroads between gray and brown. But for more modernity and design, you can choose a shade of taupe that really draws on gray. Here, the mole-gray is used on the kitchen island, and different options are put in place to bring a little sweetness:

  • Water green kitchen furniture,
  • Lacquered finishes on the furniture,
  • Marble for an extra touch of elegance.

A loft-style kitchen


When the light mole is lighter on the kitchen elements, it would almost merge with wooden facades.

Result? A very contemporary loft style, to which you can add a marble worktop, designer pendant lights and wooden and metal bar stools for a more industrial look.

Optimizing a small kitchen


If your kitchen is narrow, a light color like taupe will visually enlarge the space. Opt for a white wall covering and a more colorful floor to bring contrast and avoid a slightly too bland side.

As for storage, play it minimalist with, for example, open shelves, cupboards with display cases and lots of natural light!

Two-color light and white taupe cuisine


In this modern and functional kitchen, the low storage units are in taupe (with a mat finish, more traditional than the lacquered finish) while the tall cupboards are white. What create a contrast between the two parts of the room, separated by a medium wooden worktop and a gray splashback in white bricks.

An elegant closed kitchen


The closed kitchen without island makes it possible to concentrate the kitchen space along a wall and to conserve space to make it a relaxation space and / or a dining room. Prefer light taupe cupboards with large handles for a design and chic look.

The little extra? The light taupe-faded blue mix that brings brightness to the confined space.

A kitchen with walls painted in taupe


Who says taupe kitchen does not necessarily mean taupe storage! The proof is that you can mix cupboards and a light wooden worktop with colored walls.

You will then get a very natural Nordic style, which will make you want to spend hours behind the stoves!

A small U-shaped kitchen


In this kind of layout, the taupe color allows you to bring color to a U-shaped kitchen without overloading the space or opting for a color that you may get tired of.

Add a section of colored wall if you want to give a little more pep's to your room, or leave it as it is for a wiser monochrome side!

Rustic cuisine


The rustic style is one of the essentials when it comes to kitchen decor. Here, the molded storage units are modernized thanks to the taupe colored wall and the layout of the kitchen.

Here is a fairly traditional arrangement but to which the mole brings the right dose of punch for a dynamic and pleasant room.

A light taupe kitchen in L


Clearly, light taupe is a color that is perfect for narrow kitchens. This is far from being a coincidence since the light shades tend to enlarge the spaces. Mixed with a beige credenza with natural stone effect and light wooden parquet, the taupe is here part of a shades of light shades for a perfect visual rendering!

Light mole in an American kitchen


The open American kitchen with island allows to concentrate the kitchen space along a wall while keeping a large living room to make it a relaxation space and / or a dining room.

Do not hesitate to opt for cupboards without handles and lacquered finishes for the bar and the splashback for a design and chic look.

A kitchen with touches of mole


If you fear the overdose of mole in your kitchen, you can use this color sparingly: opt for white furniture and cupboards, and add color on your credenza and on the dining table for example.

Enough to energize the kitchen space a little, but without doing too much, and remaining subtle.

A taupe and gray designer kitchen


If you want to create a kitchen space without lack of taste in terms of the combination of colors, opt for a light taupe tending to brown for the furniture and rather dark gray for the walls, the credenza and the designer hood.

As the mole is a color between brown and gray, you are sure that the combination of light taupe and dark gray will work!

Taupe and green cuisine


Another color that goes well with light taupe in a kitchen (or any room in the house for that matter): green. For a soft and natural atmosphere, do not hesitate to choose light taupe kitchen furniture and cupboards, and paint the walls of your kitchen green (a rather soft shade like mint green): this is the winning combo!

A functional mole kitchen


What is interesting with the mole is that it is a color which, if you combine it with other more punchy colors, can rhyme with pep's and fantasy; but if you want a simply functional and neutral kitchen, you can opt for a total taupe look that will do the job perfectly!

A lacquered taupe kitchen


A good solution to boost a taupe kitchen a little too wise and sober for your taste? Choose light taupe kitchen furniture ... but with a lacquered finish!

The shiny side of the lacquered finish will bring sparkle to your kitchen, and a touch of light always welcome in this important room of the house!

A kitchen with low light taupe furniture


If you do not want to arrange a 100% light taupe kitchen, you can also opt for the following compromise: low light taupe kitchen furniture, and high storage furniture in beige tones.

With white walls and a sober decor, you have all the ingredients to cook up a cocooning cuisine.

A very bright light taupe kitchen


For a 100% bright kitchen, you can trust the following trio:

  • Light mole for furniture;
  • A large opening to the exterior such as a window or window;
  • A lacquered finish to return natural light as much as possible.

A kitchen with mole on the top and side of the furniture


Yet another way to bring mole sparingly and delicately into your kitchen: choose white furniture, but the top and side are covered with a taupe coating! A two in one that works wonderfully, and that brings elegant touches of mole into the room.

Light taupe combined with "metro" tiles


If you choose light taupe furniture with a mat finish for your kitchen, you can still bring shine and light to it by choosing chrome household appliances (here, the kitchen piano) and walls or a brilliant credenza (here, the credenza is made of Parisian metro effect tiles for the design and contemporary side).


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