10 mixed rooms to accommodate your baby

10 mixed rooms to accommodate your baby

The arrival of a baby turns a whole life upside down, but also a whole room in the house! To be able to receive your child as it should be, you must therefore take the lead and arrange your bedroom as soon as possible. But if you don't want to know the gender of your future baby, it can seem a little complicated. Here are our tips for planning and decorating a mixed bedroom that will suit both a boy and a little girl.

A Nordic style bedroom

Natalys The Scandinavian style is mainly composed of wood and white, which is suitable for both a little boy and a girl. On the accessories side, warm up the space with cushions and a fluffy plaid in gray tones.

Bet on peas and stripes

Etsy / Urbanwalls Whether on the walls, on bed linen or even on curtains, the geometric patterns are timeless and unisex. Only imperative, choose them or paint them in neutral colors like in this nursery.

A white bedroom

So Nuit Often called neutral color, white is THE shade to favor for both sexes. It also brings additional brightness to the room and will then allow you to customize it with bed linen or colorful decorative accessories, when baby is born.

Choose natural patterns

Le Fils de Charline For everything related to bed linen, pajamas, sleeping bags or even the bumper, choose non-connoted models for women or men. For example, this range with sprites, houses and mushrooms can suit both sexes without worry. We love lavender purple on the walls.

Clean furniture

Matel Pro If you do not know if you are going to have a boy or a girl, it is better not to overload the decoration, possibly to be able to customize it more easily afterwards. Choose simple furniture, with simple lines and no frills. Do the same for the lights.

Install open storage

Ros The open cupboards are a good compromise because not only can they be repainted inside but in addition you will be able to expose thereafter decorative objects and accessories more feminine or masculine when you return from maternity with baby.

A starry room

Ikea The magical atmosphere of this mixed room will ensure sweet dreams for your child. It's up to you to add touches of golden paint on the walls. On the furniture side, stay on sober models so as not to overload the space.

All white decoration

Kiabi Here, white dominates the decor and only a few gray accessories enhance the room. This choice of color allows you to have a minimalist and entirely neutral space, which will be very practical to transform the nursery into a child's room.

Installing a four-poster bed

Sleeping bag It may be a little kitsch for some but it remains cute. Having a four-poster bed in the baby's room will allow you to welcome your prince or princess in a cozy cocoon. The little extra? Wall stickers and photo frames.