In Pauline's friendly kitchen

In Pauline's friendly kitchen

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Today, we make you discover the sympathetic, sparkling and unfussy universe of Pauline. Pauline lives in Tours and runs a lifestyle blog, "In my box", where she talks freely about her daily life, her passions and her desires in terms of fashion, decoration, travel and cooking. She opens the doors of her kitchen to let us discover her world and a place where she likes to spend time. With a bit of malice and ingenuity, Pauline has created a practical and friendly kitchen space.

A small functional kitchen

In my box Pauline has made the choice of a kitchen open to the living room: these two spaces are well demarcated thanks to different floors and decorative styles. As she loves to cook, this room allows her to always be in touch with her husband or friends. This is the room that triggered the crush on this apartment.

Overcoming rental constraints

In my box As a tenant, Pauline had to deal with the existing (gray lacquered kitchen furniture) and compensate for the lack of work plans. She therefore optimized each space of her kitchen by being ingenious and occupying the smallest space: hanging drip tray, above cupboards and fridge, small shelves…

Ingenious and decorative ideas

In my box Pauline loves jars, but in a small kitchen, it takes up space ... Thanks to a small homemade Ikea hack, her jars are now enthroned on the back of her baking sheet. Practical and aesthetic: we prick the idea! Another decorative tip from Pauline: use a nice cloth to protect your cooking plates. In a small space we often put things on it, so why not protect them in a decorative way…

A personalized kitchen where you like to take your meal

In my box To reinvest her cuisine, Pauline put everything on the decor. Small pennants, curtains, chair cushions, small DIY tips and some colorful decor accessories. She thus succeeded in creating a fresh, sparkling and spontaneous cuisine, in her image. Despite its small surface area, it has managed to create a practical dining area (no more meals on the living room table, which also saves on work when cooking.

Breakfast: the unmissable moment of Pauline's day!

In my box Pauline never leaves in the morning without her bowl of vegetable milk coffee and her toast with compote. It was therefore obvious for her to create a space dedicated to breakfast in her kitchen. The coffee maker, the kettle, the essential toaster, the tea bags, the coffee pods, everything is there to start the day off right. Pauline's tip: use a large trolley to save space and store supplies. A small fabric curtain will hide these, and give a little charm to your service.

How beautiful my fridge!

In my box Pauline wanted to give her fridge a little fresh air. As he sits in the middle of her kitchen and it is not a beautiful fridge with a vintage look, she wanted to personalize it. Photos of her favorite dishes, of her loved ones, small decorative magnets, a sticky note space, all sprinkled with a few touches of masking tape, this is the recipe for Pauline's pretty fridge.

Handmade objects for personal decoration

In my box In order to feel good in her kitchen and to have a room that looks like her, Pauline has created a few objects from scratch. In the breakfast “corner”, she made a superb espresso cup holder, from an old frame, clothespins and a string. You had to think about it!

Pauline's little pleasures

In my box In Pauline's kitchen, there are her cake molds, her favorite objects. A great gourmet, she loves preparing pastries. Due to lack of time, the customization of the yogurt cake became a real challenge for Pauline. Its molds allow it to vary the shapes and sizes according to its desires. We note on the table the little touch of personalization with lovely place mats and a small tray that accommodates pretty decorative elements: bouquet of flowers, straws, sugar bowl…

Two universes in the same open space

In my box With the bias of singling out the decor of each space (living room / kitchen), yet open to each other, Pauline has created two spaces where life is good. I don't know about you, but we really want to go have tea with Pauline and taste her pretty banana yogurt cake!


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